Name: Excelsior (last name not given)
Civilization: Collected Assembly of the Preenacted Pattern
Society: Abstractionist
Age: 157.25
(Expected Age: 240)
Player: TauCeti

Core Values

Openness 3
Determination 5
Free Thinking 6
Patience 4


Plot Immunity (Xanatos Gambit) 2
Magnetism (Social Chameleon) 1
Comprehension (Zeitgeist) 2


Biotech 5
Cognitech 10
Metatech 10
Nanotech 7
Stringtech 3


Locality(Builders) 5
Locality (CAPP) 8
Locality (Cargo Cults) 12*
Locality (Daoine) 7
Locality(Dreamers) 4
Engineer (Metatech) 8
Engineer (Nanotech; TL 6) 6
Engineer (Stringtech; TL 6) 6
Legal 6
Political 7
Programmer (Cog TL4) 5
Research (Metatech) 5
Social Uplift** 6
Spy 6
Teacher 5

*Excelsior has spent around 91 years in various Cargo Cults; equivalent to about 364 years of local experience.
**A specialized form of Metatech Engineering, as it applies to uplifting cargo cults.



Competence Lenses:
Crisis Control 5
Crisis Control (Cargo Cult TL) 5
Farmer (Cargo Cult TL) 5
Locality (whatever is needed) 5

Standard equipment for his TL
Microbot Fabrication Unit (internal)
Numerous metatech proceedures

Always carried

Excelsior dresses to fit in with the local culture. He only carries weapons if a culture expects him to.

Awesome layout shamelessly stolen from Q. See Charlie Mbosa for the original.

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