Fifteen Factions dominate the political landscape of the City of Doors. Each one has a specific philosophy, and a headquarters within the city. Membership in a faction brings with it (in game terms) a zero-point Gift. All characters must choose a faction.

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The Athar

The Defiers deny not only the gods' right to pass judgment over mortals, but their very divinity. They claim that the gods (whom they call "powers") are powerful but have limits and do not deserve worship.

  • Their headquarters in Sigil is the Shattered Temple, the former temple of the dead god Aoskar. Their home turf is the Astral.
  • Faction Power: Defiers treat magic from Divine sources as if it were one point less powerful.

The Believers of the Source

Godsmen believe that each life is a test, and that every person has the potential to become a god. The ultimate goal of every Believer is apotheosis.

  • Their headquarters is the Great Foundry, symbolizing their belief that the multiverse constantly forges and refines all beings. Their home turf is the Ethereal.
  • Faction Power: Godsmen always make a good first impression.

The Bleak Cabal

Bleakers deny that any belief system has any merit; as they see it, the universe has physical rules, but no metaphysical or philosophical ones, therefore any meaning in life must come from within.

  • Their headquarters is the insane asylum of Sigil, called the Gatehouse. Their home turf is Pandemonium.
  • Faction Power: Bleakers treat magic from Psionic sources as if it were one point less powerful.

The Doomguard

The Sinkers believe in the sanctity and inevitability of entropy. They see the decay and destruction of the universe as necessary; for once it is destroyed all imperfections will be gone with it, paving the way for a perfect new world.

  • Their headquarters is Sigil's Armory, where they forge weapons as tools of destruction. Their home turf is the negative quasi-planes.
  • Faction Power: Take an extra specialty under Fire, for a specific type of weapon.

The Dustmen

The "Dead" believe that both life and death are false states of existence, that there is a state of True Death which can only be accomplished by denying one's emotions and physical wants and needs.

  • Their headquarters is the Mortuary, where Sigil's dead are interred or cremated. Their home turf is the Negative Energy Plane.
  • Faction Power: Dustmen will not be attacked or harassed by the undead unless the Dustman in question proves himself hostile.

The Fated

The Takers believe that those with power and ability have the right to own what they control and to take what they can from those who are unable to keep it, and that it is their right to exploit any situation to their advantage, regardless of how it affects anyone else.

  • Their headquarters is the Hall of Records, where they serve as the tax collectors of Sigil. Their home turf is Ysgard.
  • Faction Power: Fated always have one more coin in their pockets. (They can't take out one coin at a time and build up a fortune, but they're never short one gold piece, or without money for room and board, or really completely out of cash.)

The Fraternity of Order

The Guvners believe that knowledge is power; they learn and exploit both the natural laws of the universe and the laws of society.

  • Their headquarters is the City Court, where they serve as judges and legal advocates. Their home turf is Mechanus.
  • Faction Power: Guvners receive a free Air specialty in any academic field of their choice.

The Free League

The Indeps reject the other factions and their bureaucratic, hierarchical dogmatism; in fact, they don't consider themselves a faction at all. They believe in individual freedom as the highest good.

  • The Free League doesn't have a factol or an official headquarters, though Sigil's Great Bazaar serves as an unofficial one. Their home turf is the Outlands.
  • Faction Power: Indeps can ignore any mind-altering magic. (Note: such magic is rare to begin with.)

The Harmonium

The Hardheads believe that peace and stability can only be established under one rule - theirs. The planar faction known as the Harmonium is actually just a small part of a much larger political entity which rules over the entirety of the Prime Material world of Ortho. In Sigil, they serve as the city's police force. It is strongly advised that visitors to Sigil not use the term 'Hardhead' in front of Harmonium members.

  • The Harmonium's headquarters is the City Barracks. Their home turf is Arcadia.
  • Faction Power: Those hearing a Hardhead speak are less likely to commit unlawful acts.

The Mercykillers

The Red Death believes in justice and retribution at the expense of all else. Their name does not come from "killing out of mercy," but rather "killing mercy." Their credo that mercy is for the weak, and the merciful should be punished.

  • Appropriately, their headquarters is Sigil's Prison, where they carry out the sentences of convicted criminals. Their home turf is Acheron.
  • Faction Power: Free Water specialty in Detecting Falsehood.

The Revolutionary League

The Anarchists believe that social order and man-made laws are inherently corrupt and must be destroyed—though none of their members can agree on what, if anything, should replace them.

  • Like the Indeps, they don't have a factol or a headquarters, though they have many safe houses and secret meeting places. Their home turf is Carceri.
  • Faction Power: Anarchists have one other humanoid form that they can become through a quick disguise. It does not change any of their element scores.

The Sign of One

The Signers believe that everyone is the center of their own reality and that reality can be reshaped by the power of imagination. Some of them are solipsists, though most are not so extreme.

  • Their headquarters is the Hall of Speakers, which houses Sigil's legislature. Their home turf is the Beastlands.
  • Faction Power: Free Water specialty in Seeing Through Illusion.

The Society of Sensation

The Sensates believe that accumulating experiential knowledge through the senses is the only way to achieve enlightenment.

  • Their headquarters is the Civic Festhall, which features an endless series of entertainments and a library of magically stored experiences. Their home turf is Arborea.
  • Faction Power: Sensates receive a free specialty in the Water element that must relate to an acute sense.

The Transcendent Order

The Ciphers believe that by tapping in to the 'cadence' of the planes and acting through pure instinct they can achieve a higher state of being.

  • Their headquarters is the Great Gymnasium, where members can train to improve their bodies and minds. Their home turf is Elysium.
  • Faction Power: Free Fire specialty in Quick Reflexes

The Xaositects

The Chaosmen believe that the only truth is revealed in chaos. The Xaositects have been quite accurately described as being "totally off their rockers, every one of 'em."

  • Their headquarters is the Hive, which is the most disorganized part of the Sigil ward of the same name. Their home turf is Limbo.
  • Faction Power: Xaositects have a secret language they can speak with each other that no one else can learn or understand through any means.
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