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The pebble sinks and pulls the surface of the pond down with it. Soon, the water is gone and the ground itself is being pulled into the naked singularity. Since you're standing on aforementioned ground, it looks like you're going down with the ship.


Press Return to see your score.

Ower, floating lazily on his back says, "Stop that. You're getting water up my nose."

*Tosses a pebble into the pond, to see what the ripples stir up.*

If you indicate it, Ower will agree to hoist the fellow (or try, he's not that strong).

Re: Follow the Line by QHudspethQHudspeth, 08 Dec 2009 13:27

1) I'd like to cast a Thousand-League Stride spell, such that I'll be able to snatch him up (or have Ower do it) and move all three of use several miles away very quickly.

2a) If there's time for him to possibly finish before the beast arrives, "Perhaps you'd like to explain to the Baron here what the deal is."

2b) If there's not (which seems more likely), "And you'll tell my associate the Baron here everything he wishes to know, correct?"

3) After as much interrogation as we can manage here (as in 2a), or once he agrees (in 2b), whisk the three of us off to somewhere in the wilderness several miles outside the city. If I have a choice in the matter, we'll go for secluded/not populated.

Re: Follow the Line by RoaminUmpRoaminUmp, 06 Dec 2009 15:47

A skilled second-story man could go up the rib and get onto the side of the mansion or one of the rooftop balconies/crenelations. You'd need a way through the bars on the windows, or through the locked doors to the balconies.

You suspect that there is a back door from the mansion into the rib, but you'd have to spend time looking for the exit point.

Re: Follow the Line by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks, 05 Dec 2009 14:03

He backs up against the wall of the mansion, clearly terrified.

"No! No, I kept up my end of the bargain! You can't take me, you promised!" The creature howls again and he looks towards it, and back to you. "Call it off! Call it off! This isn't the deal!"

Re: Follow the Line by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks, 05 Dec 2009 13:56

Apologize for the lack of posting, got distracted by other things.

Since Orpheus is tracking the noisy beastie, I'll circle around the mansion and scope it out, see if I can spot a place to sneak it.

Re: Follow the Line by narfanatornarfanator, 04 Dec 2009 06:20

OOC: Do I know anything about the mayor here?

And, I cast the spell… might as well use it. To the hostler, in my best not-quite-Jabba-the-Hutt: "It would seem you need some… assistance. Ho ho ho."

Re: Follow the Line by RoaminUmpRoaminUmp, 03 Dec 2009 21:35

He staggers through the town, looking worriedly over his shoulder, though not always towards the howling. When he arrives, breathless, at the Mayoral mansion, he begins pounding on the door and yelling, "Let me in! He's here! He's here, I tell you!"

The mansion is a foreboding and dark structure whose rear third is built directly into one of the ribs. A spiked brass fence with an open, ruined gate enclose it. A visitor with good eyes will notice that the mansion is not dark wood, but carved basalt, with keep-like fortifications. Beyond the fence is a cleared space that shows a poor of understanding of even the most fundamental principles of landscaping. Wilted brush and a few contorted trees fail to provide cover.

There is no immediate answer from the mansion.

Re: Follow the Line by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks, 01 Dec 2009 21:44

Exactly what happens will be dependent on other events. I'll post the result here when those are done.

Re: Follow the Line by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks, 01 Dec 2009 21:34

Ower will stay just behind the hostler, so as not to spook him even more, and follow him to his destination.

Re: Follow the Line by QHudspethQHudspeth, 01 Dec 2009 18:29

Orpheus waits while it moves on, and then begins to trail it slowly. He keeps entirely out of sight, following the strange wailing. Orpheus wants to know who it is looking for, and wants to be on hand when it finds that person.

If this takes longer than an hour or two, Orpheus will eventually break off and go to the portal, to avoid missing the rest of the party.

Re: Follow the Line by TauCetiTauCeti, 01 Dec 2009 17:00

The hostler runs. None of you have a lot of trouble keeping up, especially Ower. You can overtake him right away or follow him to his destination.

Re: Follow the Line by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks, 01 Dec 2009 14:35

Orpheus sneaks up to get a good look at the creature. While made of stone, he's calm and slow, and the continuing howl provides some masking sound.


Only some of the sound comes from the creature's mouth. The rest come from the wind blowing through its spines. It's about eight feet long and, with the spines, just as tall.

It's sniffing around some, but mostly walking through the town as if it's looking for something or someone.

Re: Follow the Line by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks, 01 Dec 2009 14:29

"The howl's inauspicious timing gives me pause. I cannot help but wonder if we [glances at Heff] brought that thing upon this place. I will discretely inspect it, in the hopes of determining how great a threat it is, and whether it is truly here due to our actions. I will reconvene with you at the portal we arrived from when the sun is… ah… [looks through a window at the sky]. [After a pause] I’ll wait by the portal once I’m done inspecting the source of this cacophony."

Orpheus is used to being extremely hard to kill (made of stone, and he can normally always escape danger by jumping off a convenient ledge and floating away). He’s probably overestimating his survivability, but he isn’t stupid enough to just walk up to something that frightened the locals like that. He'll be trying to be relatively stealthy as he approaches the whatever-it-is.

Re: Follow the Line by TauCetiTauCeti, 30 Nov 2009 16:13
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