Name: Loki
Home Plane: Ri Demiplane
Faction: The Free League (actual "member")
Player: Narfanator


Virtue The Lion
Fault The Creator (Reversed)
Fate The Cockatrice (Reversed)

The Lion represents Loki's sheer, astounding resiliency.
The Creator (Reversed) represents the results of his failures, and more; the loss of friends, family, people and home.
The Cockatrice (Reversed) represents his attempts to recover or replace what he has been lost.


Fire 5 Berserker All but the rage. Loki fights best when unconcerned about allies, collateral damage, mercy, and himself. While it is a blood-lust, it is a cold blood-lust.
Air 3 Smooth-Tongued Loki is a talker.
Water 3 Heightened Physical Senses Loki nearly blind to magic and spirits, but his mundane senses are above average.
Earth 5 Unhindered Speech Almost no matter what else he is doing, Loki can also talk.


Supernatural Body 4, Frequent, Twice-Major, Versatile Loki's body is exceedingly abnormal, and made of supernaturally sterner stuff. More than just impervious to damager, Loki rarely needs to eat or drink, and can derive refreshment and nourishment from nearly anything. More or less, his body is an epitome of body-ness.
Failed Leader of a Scattered People 0 Loki led his people in a failed rebellion against their enslavers, and they have since been scattered to the winds


  • Thick Leather Garmets - Except for his palms and head, Loki is always wearing well-fitted thick leather, but it does not look to be made as armor.
  • Weapons - Loki caries a simple assortment of weapons (sword, spear, dagger, some throwing blades), each made the same way: Shape a single piece of metal into the weapon, with an emphasis on sturdiness.
  • A few pouches, here and there.


"I lived in a land enslaved by the mind magics of the foul Gaikra; only my people, the few Free Ri, escaped their magicks by living where no else could. Born under auspicious signs, I and two companions adventured; seeking what advantages we could bring home, finding new allies, gaining a losing friends. As we grew in power we fermented the seeds of rebellion; not an easy task when your foe can see into your mind and change your thoughts! When the time came, when we thought our power and might was enough… We started to war. We lost. My people, scattered; my companions, lost, I know not how or why. My home is likely destroyed; if not by our enemy, by the environment that held them at bay."
"You may have guessed, but if not, I will tell you anyway: I have secrets. They are mine to keep or give; but as yet you are only a friend, and not a confidant."

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