Name: Orpheus
Home Plane: The demi-plane of Amalgam
Faction: None. Will probably join the Athar.
Player: TauCeti


Virtue The Hermit (Wisdom)
Fault Defender reversed (Peril)
Fate The Cockatrice (Corruption/Recovery)

The Hermit represents Orpheus' "wisdom from babes" initial feel, and his future development into true wisdom.
Defender reversed represents chaos' influence on Orpheus' day to day life.
The Cockatrice represents Orpheus' fate; to succumb to chaos or rid himself of it… or run the line.


Magic (Chaos) 2
Fire 2 Precise
Air 4 Calm
Water 2 Empathy
Earth 6 Stone Hard


Hot Blooded 0 Orpheus' blood glows and may scald you on touch.
Stone Body 3 (Frequent, Twice Major) Orpheus' body follows the laws of natural stone on any plane he visits. As such, he is generally immune to poison and does not eat or breath. On Amalgam he can float, and reclassifies Flying under its elemental affiliation: Earth
Improbable Voice 0 Despite having no visible facial features, Orpheus can still speak, see, and hear
Living Gate of Chaos 1 (Major) Orpheus contains a seed of primal chaos and can channel magic from it. The results are unpredictable at best.


White robes
An expandable backpack
A sleeping pad
Two dropstones (large rocks)
Various straps to hold things to himself.


Orpheus was born from a wall in Rockfall city. A few minutes later, he was discovered by Shard and Wind’s Path (really, it was Wind’s Path who decided to go down that street, towards the infant Orpheus’ crying). As is the custom in Amalgam, the first people to find a child become its parents. Shard and Wind’s Path brought Orpheus home and introduced him to Wallflower.

Orpheus had a good childhood by Amalgam standards. With three caring mothers, a couple of childhood friends, and a basic education, he was better equipped to survive in Amalgam’s cobbled together society than most. Of course, being a golem (a being of stone that, due to the laws of stone in Amalgam, can float), he was pretty much set anyway. Demand for messengers is always extremely high. So high that Orpheus never had time to do what he really wanted and explore the floating mountains.

One day, Orpheus was delivering a package to some place underside in a nearby city. He didn’t really know the area, but few people would harass a golem. He found the address and left his wings and the rather large package outside (they’re pretty huge). After knocking on the door several times and hearing no answer, Orpheus tried it and found it unlocked. So he walked in… to a store room in Sigil.

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