Ower Hiro


Name: Ower Hiro
Home Plane: Prime Material
Race: Human
Faction: Mercykillers
Player: Quentin Hudspeth


Virtue Autumn (Plenty)
Fault Nature reversed (Energy Sapped)
Fate The Soldier (Duty/Blind Obedience)

Autumn: Ower never wants for anything. He is by no means wealthy in the monetary sense, but he has a wealth of friends and accquaintences. Furthermore, no matter how bleak his future has seemed, he has always managed to find some way to sustain himself comfortably — whether it be finding one last coin forgotten in a pocket, running across someone who was looking for just the trinket he was trying to sell, or meeting someone who was willing to trade shelter for a favor.
Nature reversed represents the state of Ower's quest to find the raiders of his village. The trials he has faced so far on that road, and the simple passage of time, have dampened the fire that once drove him. He still wants vengeance, but it has been easier to distract himself with side quests than to face the reality that what he may find is only the death of his people.
The Soldier represents Ower's current straits. He is torn between the moral imperative of avenging his village, and the distracting urgency of dispensing justice when he sees it needed.


Attribute Specialty
Fire 5 Running
Air 3 Cooking
Water 6 Peripheral Awareness, Detecting Falsehood
Earth 4 Tireless Stride


Sustaining Fate, 0: Ower always has one last coin in his pocket, or can easily find someone willing to trade shelter for a favor, or who wants to buy something he has.
Faction Power, 0: Free water Specialty — Detecting Falsehood
Finder, 2 (Versatile, Major)1: Ower can find anything, given enough time. By focusing on his goal, he receives a vision of a path leading to it. This path overlays on his eyesight for as long as he maintains concentration. While it is not necessarily the most direct path, nor often the safest path, when he uses this power his life certainly becomes more interesting. Perhaps he has the favor of a capricious god, or perhaps Fate herself watches over him, but when he seeks a path with this power he always finds more than he bargained for. The GM draws three cards from the Fortune deck to represent the Benefit, the Detriment, and the Fate that will befall him on this path.


Simple clothing in earthen colors.
Leather breastplate, greaves, and bracers.
Sickle and Scythe
Backpack with typical travel gear

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