The Planes

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The multiverse is divided into a few broad categories:

  • The Outer Planes, where most of our action will happen. Aligned with law, chaos, good, evil, or neutrality in various amounts. Home to gods, demons, and all manner of bizarre creatures.
  • The Inner Planes, full of elemental stuff and pretty hazardous. Comparatively empty of sentient life, but still infinitely large.
  • The Prime Material Plane, where most D&D games take place. Occasionally useful as a way to get from Outer to Inner.
  • Transitive Planes - the Astral touches the Outer, the Ethereal touches the Inner, and the Shadow touches the Prime. They're all pretty similar when you get down to it - you just use them to go from one plane to another.
  • Demiplanes, little worlds that aren't infinite, most of them floating in the Ethereal.
  • Sigil, the City of Doors, in a category all its own.


The City of Doors is the center of our campaign, and perhaps of the Multiverse. Every doorway, archway, gateway, window, trellis, well, storm cellar, and sewer grate is a potential portal to another plane - if you only have the key. Keys vary greatly. Some are common objects, some are rare, few are unique. Some are songs, or dances, or phrases in languages common or forgotten. Some are even patterns of thought or clothing combinations. Bring the key to the gate and you can pass through. Most gates are two-way. Not all.

As a planar hub, Sigil is a booming metropolis powered by trade - primarily of physical valuables and information - and deals. The city holds to a strained peace because of the god that lives there, the Lady of Pain, who accepts no worship and allows no armies or deities in her city.


Outer Planes

Each Outer Plane has its own deities, inhabitants, and alignment.


The Beastlands





The Abyss


The Grey Waste






Mount Celestia


The Outlands


Inner Planes


Air, Earth, Fire, and Water


Smoke, Ice, Ooze, Magma


Positive and Negative


Lightning, Minerals, Radiance, Steam, Vacuum, Dust, Ash, Salt

Transitive Planes

The Astral

The Astral Plane deserves special mention as it provides the best means of traveling between Outer Planes if one must avoid Sigil. The Astral is, for the most part, quiet and empty. Occasionally one finds the floating body of a dead god, or a Githyanki void-ship, but hazards are few and far between. Pools of color can be found that lead to the first layers of all the Outer Planes, as well as the Prime.

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