Character Creation

This game will be run with the standard character creation rules from the SA rulebook. If you don't have it, go to that link and download the PDF version. You can use either the more detailed skill system from the Professions chapter or the simpler one from the quickstart rules in the prologue (page 8).

Characters from Travelogue are also permitted, as well as things that you come up with yourself that you just really want to play (like one of the Unbound from the SA forums). I'm going to be pretty open to new ideas.

All characters will be working for the Patent Office at the start of the game. You'll be traveling all around the universe. You should therefore not be playing someone with a psychotic hatred for a particular civilization, unless your character wears a red shirt.

Switching characters is fine as long as it doesn't happen too often. If you find that you're just not having fun with your current character, bring it up in the OOC forum and we'll work something out. After all, Patent Office employees come and go.

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