When your character believes in a larger cause, such as a nation, a culture, a team, or an organization, Valence represents that emotional investment with an Allegiance.

Allegiances are rated from 1-5, with 1 representing a very weak connection and 5 representing the primary authority and guiding light in your character's life. As the game goes on, the ratings of your character's Allegiances will change. Typically they will become stronger a little bit at a time, or drop to zero.

Your character can have up to five Allegiances. A starting character must have at least two: one for the team, and one for an employer. These can be rated at any value, with the following restrictions:

  • Characters can have only one rank-5 Allegiance.
  • Characters can have no more than two rank-4 Allegiances.
  • An Allegiance with a rating of zero is removed from your character sheet.
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