Basic Dice Mechanics


  • Roll 1d20 + Skill Rating to check for success.
  • Meet or exceed the target number.
  • Apply Hero Points after the roll.
  • Only roll when it matters whether you succeed.
  • Don't roll again until conditions change.

When you're asked to "roll your X rating" in Valence, use a 20-sided die. Typically you will apply several modifiers to the roll to create a total, like this:

1d20 + Skill Rating

Ratings will tend to be substantial in comparison to the d20 roll. A +15 modifier is fairly typical, so a total roll in the 20-30 range is normal.

You're looking to meet or exceed a target number in order to succeed (or, in squad actions, wear down the opposing team). If you're making an uncontested roll, the GM sets the target number. If you have an opponent, your opponent's roll sets your target number.

A roll of 20 on the die is always a success. A roll of 1 is always a failure.

You can apply Hero Points to increase your total after you roll. Hero Points increase your total on a 1:1 basis.

Once you've made a roll, your character is committed to the action and will see it through. For extended efforts, this may mean that your character is spending a lot of time sneaking into a building, repairing an engine, writing a program, etc. Don't roll more than once for an extended effort; use the initial roll's result again if you need a number again.

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