Humanity shares the galaxy with over a dozen intelligent species. Those with the largest presence are:


The Inuueliting (IN-you-ELL-ih-ting), as the galaxy’s oldest species, were our first contact and our intermittent allies in our quest for an empire. They are physically the most human-like of all the species in the galaxy, but are much smaller, with strong, thin wings. Their hollow bones make them light and weak, but they are fast and nimble, and have substantial skill with the Lording.

Game Terms: Agility 9, Creativity 1, Dexterity 9, Intelligence 5, Lording 6, Mental Endurance 2, Stamina 1, Strength 1, Visualization 1.
Notes: Inuueliting can fly, though in Earth-normal gravity they gain altitude slowly and quick to tire. Their senses are similar to those of a human, but they can also see into the infrared spectrum.


The appearance of the Budetug (BOO-deh-toog) matches some of our worst nightmares, with a dozen legs, great crab-like pincers, and a hard exoskeleton. Innovative and pragmatic, they turned out to be much less fearsome in personality than in appearance.

Game Terms: Agility 2, Creativity 5, Dexterity 5-9, Intelligence 3, Lording 2, Mental Endurance 4, Stamina 5, Strength 3, Visualization 6.
Notes: Each Budetug leg is also an arm. They must choose between moving quickly and operating with Dexterity 5, or devoting more of their hands to a task, until they have Dexterity 9 but cannot move. Budetug have poor vision but good hearing.


The amphibious Valorians (val-OR-ee-ans) were possibly the most peaceful species in the galaxy, and certainly the most intelligent. Their fantastic array of senses and strange bug-like bodies set them apart. They had little to do with galactic politics.

Game Terms: Agility 9, Creativity 1, Dexterity 4, Intelligence 10, Lording 0, Mental Endurance 2, Stamina 1, Strength 1, Visualization 8.
Notes: Valorians can see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectra. They are extremely near-sighted, but compensate with exceptional hearing and smell. They are naturally amphibious.


The plantlike Nesti (NESS-tee) were the Valorians’ polar opposites - warlike, argumentative, and dumb as a post. They often found it hard to fit into past empires except as warriors.

Game Terms: Agility 5, Creativity 6, Dexterity 8, Intelligence 1, Lording 4, Mental Endurance 6, Stamina 5, Strength 7, Visualization 1.
Notes: Nesti have exceptional hearing (technically a vibration sense through the ground), and omni-directional radar sense with a range of up to a mile. However, in the human visual range, they are entirely blind.


Humanity, as it turns out, is the galaxy’s fastest-thinking and most creative species. Because of their age and experience, the other species initially underestimated humanity. Humanity spread out like wildfire, taking the inventions of other species, improving them, and adapting them to our needs. In a mere hundred years had essentially conquered the galaxy - not that it lasted.

Game Terms: Agility 4, Creativity 10, Dexterity 4, Intelligence 4, Lording 1, Mental Endurance 2, Stamina 4, Strength 2, Visualization 2.
Notes: None.

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The Caractingessen (car-ACT-in-GESS-en) were just as fearsome as they appeared. Since their appearance was that of a dinosaur crossed with a dragon, one can imagine that their tempers were anything but mild.

The Halla (HALL-ah) were another species somewhat like humanity in appearance, but smaller and quite wrinkly, with just enough physical difference to be unsettling. Their short-lived trading empire had collapsed a few hundred years before Humanity’s appearance, leaving chaos and instability.

The Archangels (ARK-ain-gels) were a mystery. An inability to lie? A warrior culture that seemed to have intentionally destroyed most of its technology? It was bizarre, but there they were, larger than life and covered in metallic scales.

The snake-like Sa’crontor (sa-CRON-tor) were young compared to most species, but still managed to worm their way into every part of the galaxy. They were ambitious, talkative, and agile, and loved investigating new things.

The two Ogre (OH-grr) species were the most recent species before Humanity was discovered. Not very bright, but strong and loyal, they had served the Caracts as bodyguards and shock troops before their liberation.

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