Team Creation

You create your character in Valence as a part of creating your team. Your player group should work together to create the team. If someone needs to be absent for the first session, it's important that you find a way to bring in that person's input.

The player group (with the GM) should answer these questions for the team as a whole:

  1. What does your team do? Are you a black-ops espionage team? A starship crew? A paramilitary unit?
  2. Who does your team work for? Choose an organization or megacorp that bankrolls your team at the start of the game. Each member of the team must take an Allegiance to this employer.
  3. What's your modus operandi? How does your team operate? Do you use deception, or are you more direct? Do you spread hope or fear?
  4. Who do you need on this team? Each character should fill a specific role as a member of the team. For instance, a five-person espionage team might need a hacker, a sniper, a thief, a comms engineer, and a face.

Each member of the team must take an Allegiance to the team as a whole.

Once you have the team created, each player creates a single character.

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