When combat begins, each Process rolls its Charge Dice. Leave these on the table - they'll get spent for specific purposes.

The Process with the highest current Charge acts next. Once you've Recharged (see below) you have to wait for everyone else to recharge before you act again.

To act, you use multiple dice together, adding their values. You can also use just one die, if it's high enough. You can use as many dice as you want, but each action has a minimum total that you must achieve in order to take that action.

Typical Actions:

  • Attack: 8
  • Connect: 10
  • Equip: 5
  • Item: 5
  • Move: As listed on the map

Special actions:

  • Class Change: It costs 1-6 Charge to change your class. You just spend one die; it doesn't matter what the value of the die is.
  • Recharge: Recharging costs 0, 1, or 2 Charge. If you have enough Charge you must pay; if not, you can still Recharge.
  • Build: You must spend a 1.

Actions are described in detail on the Basic Abilities page.

Character abilities that cost Charge will list how much they require.

Spending more Charge will generally change whether you are successful, but not how well you succeed. For an attack, it determines whether you hit, but doesn't change how much damage you deal.

Combat continues until both sides agree that it's over, or one side says it's over and there's no one left to disagree.

In general, the Garbage Collector shows up soon after a fight is over, but the exact timing is unreliable. Sometimes it takes a few minutes; sometimes it appears immediately after the last action.

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