Chapter C2: Ruins

In Brief: (blah)


  1. something (blah)


Battlefields, looting, etc.


Notes and rewards/penalties


Mon Stars: xx HP, Dmg xx, Range x, Acc x+, Move Auto/1, Evade x+, Resist x+
Special attack: blah
Special ability: blah
AI: something

Boss: Dudicus Maximus

xxxx HP
Move x / y, Evade J+, Resist J+
Attack: Blah. Dmg xx, Range 0, Acc 5+
Alternate attack: Yadda Beam. Dmg xx, Range 0, Acc 5+
Special attack:

Hackable Values:

Special Ability:
Special Ability: Status Reset Subroutine. At the beginning of each round, the CPU draws a card. On a face card, Dudicus' status byte is reset to its default settings.


Summit' good

After facing Armored Kano, all characters receive the next Exploit on their class list. This should be:

  • Barbarian -
  • Ranger -
  • Bard -
  • Druid -
  • Geomancer -

Quest item: ???, received blah

Miniature: If the players have 1 Patience left at the Power Plant, they can spend it to find the item "1/30 Scale funkmotron"

Numeral: ?

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