The Kings of Hell

The gang known as the Kings of Hell is led by four individuals who claim to be heralds of the end of the world:

  • Conquest carries a long pistol and rides a fast, sleek white motorcycle. She challenges all comers to a race and respects only the fast.
  • War carries an enormous sword and rides a giant flaming red motorcycle. She can call the lightning on her foes.
  • Famine carries a chain and rides a long black motorcycle. He calls all the ills of humanity on the MCs.
  • Death rides a pale blue motorcycle emitting clouds of smoke. It bears no weapon.

The Four Riders have faced the Arba on many occasions and have denied them the use of the highways. If the MCs defeat them, they will be able to reach Tower 2 and face Divu. If not, Divu will kill everyone in the City.

The Four Riders have no Traits on Disk 1. They are only bosses here, not really NPCs. On later disks they have the following traits:

  • Conquest (White): I want to be the best.
  • War (Red): I want to be redeemed.
  • Famine (Black): I want to tear it all down.
  • Death (Pale): I want a new life.

Consider each to have Connect 5+, Resist J+.

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