Chapter 6: BIT ROT

In Brief: After being defeated by Sken and Kano, the MCs are dumped into the Pits. With barely enough time to grab some improvised weapons, they immediately face the Linebreaker. They then battle their way out of the pits. They are guided first by the Pack Rat, then by Vora, who takes care of them and tells them to get back in the fight and take down Sken.


  1. Dumped into the Pits. (cutscene)
  2. Battle Linebreaker. (boss fight)
  3. Find a way out (minigame: search)
  4. Battle through the Pits. (combat)
  5. Deal with the Pack Rat. (minigame:sneak or influence)
  6. Battle farther through the Pits. (combat)
  7. Meet Vora and escape the pits. (cutscene)
  8. Talk with Vora at her house. (conversation)


Dev Null
(The MCs automatically loot this area in a cutscene to find the set of equipment mentioned below. This costs no Patience.)
Linebreaker, encountered alone.

The Pits
10 Junkions, 4 Scraplings, 3 Replimat Swarms, 2 Arba Seekers Mk. 1

The Pack Rat's Bunker
No battle

The Pits, again
5 Scraplings, 5 Replimat Swarms, 4 Junkions, 2 Arba Seekers Mk. 1

Vora's Home


Find a Way Out: Search
The Pits are a maze of awful digital detritus. It's not easy to find the exit.

Success: The MCs find the Pack Rat's hut. Each one of them may stash a card.
First consequences: The MCs find the Pack Rat, who brings them to his hut. No other effect.
Second consequences: The MCs find the Pack Rat, but he gets lost too. The MCs discard one card when reloading at the start of their next fight.
Third consequences: The MCs find the Pack Rat, who demands payment before taking them to his hut. They must give up one piece of equipment (total, not each) before bargaining for the rest.
Final consequences: The MCs are unable to find their way out. The players must spend 2 Patience to check a strategy guide.

Deal with the Pack Rat: Sneak
If the MCs decide not to bargain with the Pack Rat, or if they fail and need another way to get their gear back, they can sneak into his house and take it while he's asleep.

Success: The MCs get their gear back and it's in great shape. Each one of the stashes a card.
Three of a Kind: The MCs get their gear back, but it's not in great shape. Each MC discards their best card after they reload for the next fight.
Two Pair: The MCs get their gear back but it's booby-trapped. The first time each one of them uses a piece of equipment in the next fight, they are affected by a random status.
One Pair: The MCs fail to get their gear back. They must fight without it until they reach Vora's house, when she will shame the Pack Rat into returning it.
Ace/Joker: The MCs fail. The Pack Rat burns all their gear. They can use Patience to reload, or accept it and move on.


Scrapling: 150 HP, Dmg 30, Range 1, Acc 5+, Move Auto/1, Evade J+, Resist J+
Special ability: None
Hackable value: Their own HP.
AI: Move toward the nearest MC and attack. Try to stay one area away.

Junkion: 100 HP, Dmg 20, Range 0, Acc 6+, Move Auto/1, Evade Q+, Resist Q+
Special ability: Self-Compiling. When a Junkion is reduced to 0 or fewer HP, leave it on the battlefield. Play a card to restore it to 50 HP.
Hackable value: The HP value that Self-Compiling restores the Junkion to.
AI: Move toward the nearest MC and attack.

Replimat Swarm: 100 HP, Dmg 70, Range 0, Acc 5+, Move Auto/2, Evade J+, Resist J+
Special attack: Reformat. MCs reduced to 0 HP by a Replimat Swarm are restored to 50 HP and have the Confused and Silenced statuses.
Special ability: Swarm. Non-elemental attacks do no damage.
AI: Move toward the MC who deals the most damage and attack.

Arba Seeker Mk 1: 100 HP, Dmg 20, Range 3, Acc 4+, Move Auto/1, Evade 10+, Resist Q+
Special ability: Exploit Element. If any of the MCs have a vulnerability to a particular energy type, the Arba Seekers can change their later attacks to that element by playing a face card.
AI: Stay out of the way of the MCs and attack them from long range, focusing on the weakest one.

Boss: Linebreaker

Main Body: 1500 HP
Treads: 500 HP
Left Sword-Arm: 500 HP
Right Sword-Arm: 500 HP

Move 4 / 8, Evade Q+, Resist Q+ Reduce Move to 2/4 if the Treads are destroyed.
Attack: Chop and Smash. Dmg 50, Range 0, Acc 6+. With one arm destroyed, Accuracy becomes 8+. You cannot use this attack if both arms are destroyed.
Alternate attack: Spin Out. Dmg 30, Range 0, Acc 5+. Area attack. Pushes MCs out of its area in different directions. You cannot use this attack if the Treads are destroyed.
Special attack: Run Over. Dmg 50, Range 0. Play an extra card when making this attack. Linebreaker moves into an adjacent area and rolls over one of the MCs there, reducing their Move Points to 0. You cannot use this attack if the Treads are destroyed.

Vulnerable to Lightning (takes double damage).
No special status. Linebreaker's status bit starts locked.
Hackable values:

  • The element for its vulnerability.

Special ability: Redirect. MCs who come into Linebreaker's area with enough Move Points to move to another area immediately spend them to move there, and cannot attack Linebreaker on the way. You cannot use this attack if both Arms are destroyed.

Encountered alone.


The Pack Rat
Connect: 6+, Resist: Q+

  • I want to be everyone's friend.
  • I want to be important.
  • I want to make it all how it was.

The Pack Rat has the rest of the MC's stuff in his shack. They can sneak around and steal it, or use the Influence system to talk him into giving it to them.

If the party has collected every Miniature to date, they receive a Raise on their attempts to connect with him. (He does not take the Miniatures.)


When looting DevNull, the MC find the following weapons:

  • Ronin - Pipe. The Ronin cannot Escalate or use the Iaijutsu Interrupt while wielding the Pipe.
  • Gunslinger - Rusty Gun. The Gunslinger's Draw is 4 and Play is 2 while wielding the Rusty Gun.
  • Gambler - Knife. The Gambler's Range is 0 while wielding the Knife.
  • Sorcerer - Rebar Staff. If the Sorcerer casts a Lightning blast while holding the Rebar Staff, they take the damage as well.
  • Hacker - Chain. The Hacker's Range is 0 while wielding the Chain.

The Pack Rat has all the MC's old equipment. They regain it after dealing with him.

After being imbued with power by Vora, all MCs have their Max HP and Damage raised once. She can only do this one to any process.

Miniature: If the players have 1 Patience left at The Pack Rat's Bunker, they can spend it to find the item "1/30 Scale Golachab"

Numeral: 5

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  11. (End of Disk One)
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