Brok, Resistance Organizer

Brok is an enthusiastic young Nikan who sees the suffering of others and needs to help. He's only been part of the Resistance for a few weeks but he's certain that he'll be able to make a difference. He's been eager to recruit others.


  • I want a better world.
  • I want justice.
  • I want to belong.

If the MCs decide to attack Brok, use the following stats:

300 HP
Move 4 / 8, Evade J+, Resist J+
Attack: Pistol. Dmg 10, Range 1, Acc 4+
No special statuses. Brok's status byte is unlocked.
No special hackable values.
No special abilities.

If the MCs defeat Brok, they find Quest Item: Brok's Journal, which shows the plans that he had for sending them to the Power Station and the Codethedral, as well as the drop station that he used to communicate with other Resistance cells and Siva.

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