In Brief: Brok is amazed with your exploits and sends you to meet Lita, priestess of the Code Shrine. Unfortunately, you're not the only ones headed that direction.


  1. Meeting with Brok (conversation)
  2. Evade capture in the Maze (combat)
  3. Talk to Lita (conversation)
  4. Nearby chaos as an Arba War-Wasp arrives (cutscene)
  5. Chase down the Arba War-Wasp (minigame: chase)
  6. Defeat the War-wasp to save the Nikan (boss fight)


Local Headquarters
No fight

The Nikan Maze
2 Arba Runners, 2 Arba Marksmen, 2 Arba Security Drones Mk. 2, 3 Arba Mechanics

The Code Shrine
No fight
(Loot this area to find the Not Staff, which gives the Sorcerer access to whichever Interrupt option they didn't pick at the beginning of the game, and also Quest Item: Lita's Journal, which shows her notes on the numerology of the world. It shows that every Process has a unique identifier that is the product of two large prime numbers.)

Beneath the Highways
War-Wasp, 4 Arba Mechanics
(Loot this area after defeating the War-wasp to find the Shady Hat, which raises the Gambler's Draw to 6.)


Chase down the War-Wasp: Chase
The War-Wasp has picked up one of the Nikan elders and is flying away with him. The MCs need to run it down and catch up to it before it gains altitude and flies away with its quarry.

Blowout victory: You catch the War-Wasp. All MCs stash one card, then enter the boss fight.
Close victory: You catch the War-Wasp. Enter the boss fight.
Close loss: You catch the Warp-Wasp, but all MCs discard two cards when they reload for the boss fight.
Blowout loss: You lose the War-Wasp. If you don't have enough Patience to restart, skip the boss fight and continue to the Reward section below.


Arba Runners: 30 HP, Dmg 10, Range 0, Acc 5+, Move Auto/2, Evade J+, Resist Q+
AI: Move toward isolated individuals and attack them. If there are none, stay at least 2 areas away.

Arba Security Drones Mk. 2: 70 HP, Dmg 10 (fire), Range 2, Acc 5+, Move Auto/1, Evade K+, Resist 10+
Special ability: Flamethrower. The Mk. 2 inflicts Burning on a successful hit. Targets who do not Evade might still Resist.
Special attack: Heat Weapon. On an Ace, the Mk. 2 deals no damage (and does not inflict Burning), but disarms its target. The target's damage drops to zero and they cannot attack. The target can spend 6 Move Points to recover their weapon.
Weakness: Lightning. Takes double damage.
AI: Attack the MC with the lowest HP for as long as they are in range.

Arba Mechanic: 20 HP, Dmg 5, Range 1, Acc 6+, Move Auto/1, Evade J+, Resist J+
Special attack: Defuse. Play an Ace through 5 to inflict the Silenced status.
Special attack: Repair. Play a 6 or higher to repair mechanical allies for 30 HP.
AI: Stay one area back from mechanical allies. If they are damaged, move in and repair them.

Boss: Arba War-Wasp

Central Body: 3000 HP
Wings: 1200 HP (just one target)
Stinger: 1500 HP

Move 4 / 10, Evade J+, Resist J+. Reduce Move to 2/5 if the Wings are destroyed.
Attack: Razor Wings. Dmg 20, Range 0, Acc 4+. You cannot use this attack if the Wings are destroyed.
Alternate attack: Laser Sting. Dmg 10, Range 3, Acc 5+. You cannot use this attack if the Stinger is destroyed.

Special attack: Lightning Grenade. When you play a 3, announce "THREE". Later, when you play a 2, announce "TWO". Finally, when you play an Ace, announce "ONE. FIRE." and deal 30 lightning damage to everyone in one area within Range 3. You cannot play these cards on the same round.

Special status: Armored. The War-Wasp's status byte is unlocked.
Hackable values: Countdown timer. If the Hacker unlocks the countdown timer, they can set it at any numerical value up to 10.

Special Ability: Expanded Memory. Keep up to one card from your current hand when you reload.
Special Ability: Flight. The War-Wasp is immune to the effects of Hazardous, Unstable, Sticky, and Vulnerable areas. This ability is disabled if the Wings are destroyed.
Special Ability: Status Reset Subroutine. At the beginning of each round, the CPU draws a card. If it's a face card, the War-Wasp's Status byte is reset to the default settings.

The War-Wasp does not strike to kill. Regardless of whether the MCs beat it or lose to it, move to the Reward section below.


After facing the War-Wasp or failing to catch it, all MCs have their Max HP and Damage raised once.

Failing to catch or defeat the War-Wasp means losing one of the Nikan elders to it, as it drags him off into the sky for Sken to interrogate. This has consequences in Chapter 3.

No quest item.

Miniature: If the players have 1 Patience left Beneath the Highways, they can spend it to find the item "1/30 Scale Gomaliel"

Numeral: 9

Disk One Chapters

  1. Keycard Access
  2. Canonical Method
  3. Power Supply
  4. Raid
  5. Shadow Root
  6. Bit Rot
  7. Promotion
  8. Archived Data
  9. Superhighway
  10. PvP
  11. (End of Disk One)
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