End of Disk One

After the fight with Divu, the MCs gain access to the Increment Portal. The instructions from the Archive indicate that the portal can be activated by anyone with keycard access (which the MCs have using Divu's Keycard). Those who step through it will find themselves in the World Above, from which the simulation that is The City is being generated.

The MCs can still go back and do any sidequests they want. The automated security of Tower 2 now treats the MCs as friendly (again, thanks to the keycard), so they can come and go as they please. This will change on Disk 2.

Miniature: If the players have 1 Patience left as they enter the Penthouse Suite, they can spend it to find the item "1/30 Scale Thaumiel

When the MCs step through the portal, insert Disk Two: The Forest Beyond.

Numeral: 1

Disk One Chapters

  1. Keycard Access
  2. Canonical Method
  3. Power Supply
  4. Raid
  5. Shadow Root
  6. Bit Rot
  7. Promotion
  8. Archived Data
  9. Superhighway
  10. PvP
  11. (End of Disk One)
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