Enki Hiim, the Archive's lead researcher

Enki is a brilliant middle-aged woman, probably the best programmer and researcher who has ever worked in the City. She sees implications and understands consequences as second nature. In recent studies she discovered incontrovertible evidence that the City not only has code as its natural laws, but that this code is itself running on a device of some sort. When she revealed this to Divu, she was appalled by his irrational reaction. She's been there for his insane rants and knows exactly what he's planning. Divu intends to sweep the whole city with his enforcers while secretly poisoning everyone. Then, once he's done, he'll escape into the World Above. She knows that he really intends to follow through on what he said: that he was going to "win the game."

Against her wishes, she's been put in charge of creating a machine that will let Divu travel to the reality that supports this simulation. Kano is in charge, and he won't let her fail… and the truth is that she cares too deeply about seeing the next world to build anything but this incredible portal.


  • I want to see beyond
  • I want the truth
  • I want to escape

Connect 6+, Resist 10+

If the MCs attack Enki, use the following statistics:
30 HP, Move Auto/1, Evade K+, Acc 6+, Dmg 1, Range 0

Enki will try to convince the MCs of a few matters, several of which they may already believe in. Feel free to skip to those they're on the fence about.

  • Our reality is being created from somewhere else.
  • Divu needs to be stopped.
  • There's no way to stop him but confronting him directly. He probably hasn't told anyone else about it if he really intends to kill everyone. That gives him the element of surprise, but also makes his conspiracy vulnerable.

If the MCs convince Enki to join the Resistance, Her "I want to escape" Trait will change to "I want to belong". She'll be right here at the Archives in the future, where she will explain game mechanics from the World Above (after you travel there and return). Even if she does join the Resistance, though, it will be impossible for her to keep the Arba out of this facility. They've just got too much firepower.

What's the evidence?

Science-savvy players may want to know what exactly Enki's evidence is. The (perhaps disconcerting) truth in our own world is that there is no way we know of to tell for certain whether our universe is real or a simulation. In the universe of the game, however, Enki has indeed figured it out. The CPU should just say "Enki describes the evidence to you. You find yourself stunned. You can't believe it, but it's true."

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