Kano Kula, Divu's Personal Enforcer

Kano is a high-ranking Arba, one of Divu's personal guards and the leader of his enforcers. He spends most of his time at the Barracks, but will show up again and again in the course of the game. He's the comic relief boss, who the MCs beat over and over.


  • I want to be important.
  • I want to be the best.

In a cutscene at the end of Disk 1, Kano enters the gate to The Forest Beyond, following the people who have so shamed and dishonored him, seeking revenge. He makes an occasional appearance in that world, and becomes a major problem later in the game.

Kano's attributes change every time he is encountered. Use the stats shown in the appropriate Chapter. Eventually his Traits change as well. In the Forest, he gains "I want to be redeemed," and on HVHY station he loses "I want to be important." and gains "I want to make it all how it was."

Kano escapes after every battle.

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