Lita, Code Priestess

Lita is an insightful young Nikan who maintains the Code Shrine, a place of quiet wonder and beauty. She wants to meet new Resistance recruits and give them a "you are all unique and amazing" pep talk, but when she meets and scans the MCs… they're not unique. She's surprised. Their identification numbers are marked as duplicates. She doesn't know what that means.

Halfway through their first meeting, a War-Wasp attacks, so some of this conversation may have to happen after the battle.

If the MCs come back later in the game, Lita will still be there. She can explain Exploits and Status effects, and will gladly spout lore about the City and the Arba.


  • I want a better world.
  • I want justice.
  • I want to see beyond.

If the MCs decide to attack Lita, use the following stats:

700 HP
Move 3 / 6, Evade K+, Resist 9+
Attack: Blast. Dmg 20, Range 1, Acc 4+. Depletes Mana. Area attack.
Special Ability: Mana. Lita creates and uses Mana the same way a Sorcerer does.
Special Ability: Scan. Lita can use a face card to scan one opponent.
No special statuses. Lita's status byte starts off locked.
No special hackable values.

If the MCs defeat Lita, they find Quest Item: Lita's Journal, which shows her notes on the numerology of the world. It shows that every Process has a unique identifier that is the product of two large prime numbers.

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