In Brief: Brok tells you that if the subway was working, you could have escaped safely last time. He gives you Kano's keycard and tells you to go restore power to the subway at the Power Plant. Too bad Kano comes in to tour the plant just after you finish. This time he's ready for you - he thinks.


  1. Meeting with Brok (conversation)
  2. Down into the Subway (cutscene)
  3. Travel through the Subway (minigame: search)
  4. Cornered in the Tunnels (combat)
  5. Sneak into the Power Station (minigame: sneak) OR Break into the Power Station (combat)
  6. Reroute power (cutscene)
  7. Cornered by Kano (cutscene + boss fight)


Local HQ
No fight

Subway Tunnels
4 Arba Security Drones Mk. 2, 1 Arba Runner
New Challenger! 4 Arba Runners, 8 Arba Security Drones Mk. 2, 2 Arba Technicians

Power Station Entrance
4 Arba Guards, 4 Arba Security Drones Mk. 3, 1 Arba Technician
(Loot this area to find Rad Goggles, which give the Gunslinger immunity to the Blind status. This is an armor item.)

Junction Room
Armored Kano, 3 Arba Security Drones Mk. 3, 3 Arba Technicians.
(Loot this area to find Tosei-gusoku, which raises the Ronin's Max HP once and locks their status byte. This is an armor item.)


Travel through the Subway: Search
The Subway tunnels lead almost everywhere in the City, including the Power Plant. Given enough time searching, the MCs can find a way through the dimly lit tunnels to their destination.

Success: The MCs find the path quickly. Each one of them may draw three cards and stash one of them, discarding the other two.
First consequences: The MCs spend a lot of time searching but find the way to the plant. Each MC discards one card after reloading for the first fight at the station.
Second consequences: The MCs are ambushed! Run another Subway Tunnels fight, using the "New Challenger" line, then continue.
Third consequences: The MCs are are reported by Arba forces before they arrive at the power plant. Increase the number of each type of mobs by 1 in each fight.
Final consequences: The MCs are unable to find the path to the power plant. The players must spend 2 Patience to check a strategy guide.

Sneak into the Power Plant: Sneak
The MCs could fight their way into the plant, or they could sneak in through the ventilation shafts.

Success: The MCs find a secret control panel. Set two area statuses as desired on the Junction Room battlefield when the fight begins.
Three of a kind: The MCs make it in, but miss the clues that there's going to be a fight later. They discard one card at the start of the Armored Kano fight.
Two pair: The MCs make it in, but are very noisy. Add four Arba Guards to the Armored Kano fight.
One pair: The MCs are caught and beaten. Do the Armored Kano fight before rerouting power, with four Arba Guards. The MCs discard four cards when reloading at the start of this fight. The players might just want to reload with Patience.
Ace/Joker: The MCs are caught and electrocuted in a trap. Use Patience to reload.


Arba Technicians: 50 HP, Dmg 20, Range 0, Acc 6+, Move Auto/1, Evade Q+, Resist J+
Special attack: Disarm. If your attack hits, it deals no damage but disarms an MC instead. They recover their weapon at the end of the battle.
Special ability: Repair. At the beginning of each round, restore 50 HP to a mechanical ally in this area.
AI: Move to and repair any security drones. If none are damaged, attack any MCs in your area.

Arba Guard: 150 HP, Dmg 30, Range 0, Acc 4+, Move Auto/1, Evade J+, Resist Q+
Special ability: Night Vision Goggles. The Arba Guard is immune to areas with Darkness.
AI: Move toward the MCs and attack indiscriminately.

Arba Security Drones Mk. 3: 50 HP, Dmg 10, Range 2, Acc 5+, Move 0, Evade K+, Resist J+
Special ability: Hidden. The Mk. 3 drone is built into the ceiling and has Bit:Invisible=1 at the beginning of a fight.
Special ability: Hide. The Mk. 3 can use a card play to become invisible again.
Special ability: Gas. Instead of attacking for damage, the Mk. 3 can choose to attack to inflict the Confused status. Targets must Resist instead of Evading.
AI: If only one MC is in range, fire at them normally. Otherwise, inflict a Confuse effect on the MC with the highest HP. Then pull back into the ceiling.

Boss: Armored Kano

2000 HP
Move 4 / 8, Evade K+, Resist J+
Attack: Baton. Dmg 30, Range 0, Acc 4+
Alternate attack: Thrown Baton. Dmg 15, Range 2, Acc 5+
Special attack: Blitz. Dmg 20 attack on everyone in his area (including allies). Play two cards for this and use the worse one.

Status: Armored. Kano's status byte starts off locked.
If the War Wasp won in Chapter 2, Kano has no special hackable values.
Otherwise, Kano's Blitz damage rating is hackable (though it starts off locked). It will take him two Blitzes to realize he's been hacked and change tactics.

Special Ability: Command. Other mobs target the MC that Kano indicates until the fight is over.
Special Ability: Status Reset Subroutine. At the beginning of each round, the CPU draws a card. On a face card, Kano's Status byte is reset to its default settings.


Armored Kano will not kill the MCs if he wins. Instead they'll run away while he's monologuing, which lets them escape but doesn't let them restore power to the Subway. This has consequences in many later chapters.

After facing Armored Kano, all characters receive the next Exploit on their class list. This should be:

  • Ronin - Counter
  • Gunslinger - Wasn't Aiming for You
  • Gambler - Dirty Dealer
  • Sorcerer - Elemental Augment
  • Hacker - Hack the Block

Quest item: Kano's Access Card, received right at the beginning.

Miniature: If the players have 1 Patience left at the Power Plant, they can spend it to find the item "1/30 Scale Gharab"

Numeral: 7

Disk One Chapters

  1. Keycard Access
  2. Canonical Method
  3. Power Supply
  4. Raid
  5. Shadow Root
  6. Bit Rot
  7. Promotion
  8. Archived Data
  9. Superhighway
  10. PvP
  11. (End of Disk One)
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