Chapter 10: PVP

In Brief: The MCs fight their way up Tower 2 to Divu's penthouse for a final confrontation. He eggs them on all the way.


  1. Entryway Fight (combat)
  2. Divu's Monologue Begins (cutscene)
  3. Rise to the Top (minigame:sneak or combat)
  4. Monologuing In Person (cutscene)
  5. Fight Divu (boss fight)
  6. Discover the Increment Portal (cutscene)


Tower 2 Entrance
Loot this area to find Green Visor, which allows the Gambler to draw an extra card every time they draw a 2.
If the MCs chose the "combat" option when entering the Archives in Chapter 8, Divu knows they're coming and has extra time to prepare. Add two more of each kind of mob in this area, and add them into the Elevator fight as well.
6 Divu's Personal Guard, 3 Arba Security Drones Mk. 7, 2 Arba Chief Technicians

Loot this area to find Respectability, an armor item that raises the Hacker's Connect and Resist scores once each.
3 Arba War Wasps Mk. 2, 1 Arba Chief Technician

Divu, 10 Divu's Personal Guard
Possibly encountered with Sken (see the end of his stat block)


Rise to the Top: Sneak
It's either sneak your way up the tower's stairs, or get into a fight in an elevator. Your call.

Better than a Straight: The MCs make it to the top and also happen to find the item the would have gotten for looting the Elevator anyway.
Success: The MCs make it to the top. Each of them may stash a card.
Three of a kind: The MCs make it to the top, but the guards see them on security cameras. Add two Security Drone Mk. 7's to the Divu fight.
Two pair: The MCs make it to the top, but are very noisy. Add three Mk. 7's and three Chief Technicians to the Divu fight.
One pair: The MCs are caught and beaten, and all their good gear is taken. They are brought before Divu, whom they can still fight. The MCs discard four cards when reloading at the start of this fight and must fight using the lousy gear they found in the Pits. The players might just want to reload with Patience.
Ace/Joker: The MCs are caught and crushed in a trap. Use Patience to reload.


Divu's Personal Guard: 500 HP, Dmg 70, Range 1, Acc 4+, Move Auto/1, Evade 10+, Resist 10+
Cannot be pushed.
Special attack: High Caliber. Play two cards for a single attack (using the better one) to push the target of your attack into an adjacent area.
Status: Armored. The Elite Guard's status byte is locked.

Arba Chief Technicians: 300 HP, Dmg 30, Range 0, Acc 6+, Move Auto/1, Evade Q+, Resist Q+
Special ability: Repair. At the beginning of each round, repair a mechanical mob in your area for 100 HP.
Special ability: Repair Kit. Subway Operators can hack area statuses (instead of attacking) using any card.
AI: If there is a damaged drone, move toward it and repair it. If not, move toward the nearest MC and attack.

Arba Security Drone Mk 7: 300 HP, Dmg 50 (area attack, fire damage), Range 1, Acc 5+, Move 0, Evade K+, Resist 10+
Status: Burning
The Security Drone is immune to Fire damage (including its own Burning status).
Special ability: As long as the Mk. 7 has the Burning status, the area it's in is Hazardous.
Special ability: Hidden. The Mk. 7 is built into the ceiling and is invisible at the beginning of a fight.
Special ability: Hide. The Mk. 7 can use a card play to become invisible again.
Hackable Value: The elemental damage type inflicted by the drone, the element it's immune to, and the damage done by its own Burning status are all hackable, but changing one of them sets the rest to the same element. Hacking one Mk. 7 this way changes the element for all of them until the end of the Chapter.
AI: Attack any MCs who come near. If they leave your range, retreat into the ceiling as soon as possible.

Arba War Wasp Mk. 2: Has Boss tag.
Central Body: 5,000 HP, Wings: 1,500 HP, Stinger: 2,000 HP
Attack: Razor Wings. Dmg 100, Range 0, Acc 4+, Move Auto/2, Evade J+, Resist J+. You cannot use this attack if the Wings are destroyed.
Immunity to lightning damage.
Status: Armored. The Mk. 2's status byte starts locked.
Special attack: Laser Sting. Dmg 50, Range 3, Acc 5+. You cannot use this attack if the Stinger is destroyed.
Special attack: Lightning Shockwave. When you play a 3, announce "THREE". Later, when you play a 2, announce "TWO". Finally, when you play an Ace, announce "ONE. FIRE." and deal 200 lightning damage to everyone in your area. You cannot play these cards on the same round, and each War Wasp has its own countdown.
Hackable values:

  • Countdown timer. If the Hacker unlocks the countdown timer, they can set it at any numerical value up to 10.
  • Boss status. The War-Wasp's Boss status is artificial. It can be removed as if it were a status effect.

Special Ability: Expanded Memory. Keep up to one card from your current hand when you reload.
Special Ability: Flight. The War-Wasp is immune to the effects of Hazardous, Unstable, Sticky, and Vulnerable areas. This ability is disabled if the Wings are destroyed.
AI: Attack the MC with the lowest HP. When the first War-Wasp is destroyed, move to the "falling" area and continue to attack from range.

Boss: Divu Matr

9,999 HP
Move 5 / 10, Evade J+, Resist 10+
Attack: Electrified Gauntlet. Dmg 100 (lightning), Range 0, Acc 4+
Alternate attack: Sun Ray. Dmg 100 (fire), Range 5, Acc 5+
Special attack: Antagonize. Taunt someone while you attack them to induce the Berserk status. Use no more than once per turn.
Special attack: Building Security. When you draw a 3, announce "SECURITY!", When you play the 3, announce "THREE". Later, when you play a 2, announce "TWO". Finally, when you play an Ace, announce "ONE. ERASE INTRUDERS." You cannot play these cards on the same turn. Each battlefield area spawns one Arba Security Drone Mk 7. Each of them immediately attacks everyone in its current area with the Ace that was just played.

Status: Armored, Noclip. Divu's status byte and all his hackable values start locked.
Hackable values:

  • Building Security's countdown value can be set it at any numerical value up to 5.
  • The type of damage done by his attacks. Each attack is hacked separately.
  • You can change Berserk in his Taunt attack to Confused, Silenced, or Blind.

Special ability: Adaptive Technology. At the beginning of each round Divu can change the type of elemental damage dealt by any of his elemental attacks, unless it's been hacked.
Special ability: Status Lockdown Subroutine. At the beginning of each round, put the top card of the CPU deck into the discard. If it's a face card, Divu resets one status bit to its default state and locks it. If the countdown or other hackable values have been unlocked, they are still unlocked.
Special ability: Night-vision Goggles. Divu is immune to the Dark area status.

If the MCs failed to convince Sken to stand against Divu in Chapter 7, she fights the MCs with him. Increase the CPU's size by one for the boss fight until she is downed, but don't bring any Sken Scouts with her. If the MCs convinced her that Divu was in the wrong, she refuses the join the fight and stands aside to let the MCs battle him. He's really mad about that.



After defeating Divu, all MCs have their Max HP and Damage raised once.

If the MCs defeat Divu using only their gear from the Pit, raise their permanent Patience by one.

Gain Quest Item: Divu's Keycard.

Miniature: If the players have 1 Patience left as they enter the Penthouse Suite, they can spend it to find the item "1/30 Scale Ghogiel"

Numeral: 2

Disk One Chapters

  1. Keycard Access
  2. Canonical Method
  3. Power Supply
  4. Raid
  5. Shadow Root
  6. Bit Rot
  7. Promotion
  8. Archived Data
  9. Superhighway
  10. PvP
  11. (End of Disk One)
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