Siva, Leader of the Resistance

Siva is a sharp, quick-witted middle-aged Nikan who has had enough of Arba rule in the City. She has gathered a few dozen allies (including Brok, who each founded their own Resistance cells. On an irregular schedule she gathers people together at Rallying Point to talk strategy and decide what the Resistance's next move should be.

When Sken attacks the meeting, the first thing she does is drop from the ceiling and take Siva out of the fight, cutting off her right arm. Before the MCs lose in this patently unwinnable battle, Sken kidnaps Siva to the Aerie where her special ops forces are quartered. Once she is rescued, Siva will be in the Code Shrine recovering. She can tell the MCs where the Resistance has hidden secret caches of equipment across the City, letting them know where to loot.


  • I want a better world.
  • I want freedom.
  • I want to belong.

If the MCs decide to attack Siva, use the following stats:

4,000 HP
Move 4 / 8, Evade J+, Resist 9+
Attack: Double Barrels. Dmg 100, Range 1, Acc 5+. Hits up to two targets in the same area.
Special attack: Restore. Siva can reset a target's status byte.
No special statuses. Siva's status byte starts off locked.
No special hackable values.

Also include Brok and Lita if they are present, and use twenty Subway Operators to represent other Resistance members present.

If the MCs defeat Siva, they find Quest Item: Siva's Journal, which falsely implicates several Arba as secret members of the Resistance - including Enki, lead researcher at the Archives.

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