Sken Agra, leader of the Corporation special forces

Sken is a highly trained young Arba who leads the Corporation's special forces in covert operations. Sometimes one Family will hire them against another; sometimes they move against Resistance groups instead. Sken doesn't handle the business end of things. She's the sharp edge of the Corporation's sword. Frankly she's getting kind of sick of it. She's ambitious and realizes that her current position is limiting her, but none of the Arba elite seem to want her in their inner circles.

The secret forces are headquartered in the Aerie, a windy lodge fifty stories above the ground at the top of one of the City's skyscrapers.


  • I want to be important.
  • I want to be redeemed.
  • I want to be the best.

It is possible to convince Sken (after she's been defeated) that Divu is insane and she should stop helping him. Use the Influence rules to accomplish this. If the MCs fail, Sken stands with Divu in the final battle.

When Sken is encountered, use the following stats:

6,000 HP
Move 5/10, Evade 10+, Resist 10+
Attack: Sword. Dmg 50, Range 0, Acc 4+
Alternate attack: Throwing Knives. Dmg 30, Range 2, Acc 5+
Special attack: Rain of Daggers. Pay 2 Move Points to use Throwing Knives as an area attack that hits enemies only.
Special attack: Throw Off. Attack all of Sken's enemies in her area with her sword, and then move them out of the area in her choice of direction. Play two cards for this and use the better one.

Status: Armored. Sken's status byte starts off locked.
No special hackable values.

Special ability: Flying. Sken is immune to the effects of Hazardous, Unstable, Sticky, and Vulnerable areas.
Special ability: Status Reset Subroutine. At the beginning of each round, put the top card of the CPU deck into the discard. If it's a face card, Sken's status byte is reset to her default settings.

Sken also appears with 10 Sken Scouts:

Sken Scout: 300 HP, Dmg 50, Range 0, Acc 5+, Move Auto/2, Evade J+, Resist Q+
Special attack: Caltrops. Sken scouts can make an area Hazardous instead of attacking.
Special ability: Flight. Sken scouts are immune to the effects of Hazardous, Unstable, Sticky, and Vulnerable areas.
Special ability: Defender. Sken scouts can Cover for each other and for Sken without needing to play a card, as long as they are in the same area.
AI: Move toward the individual with the highest damage rating and attack them.

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