The Code Engine

This game uses six-sided dice for everything, but you'll also want to have a deck of Tarot cards lying around. You'll need about ten dice for each player, but only one deck of cards.

When you try to do something and the CPU tells you to roll for it, you'll roll a number of dice equal to one of your stats.

Sometimes you need a single number that shows you how effective you are. In such cases, you take the highest die, add a different stat, and add +1 for each extra 6 you have. Set all of the dice aside when you're done with this roll. This is written as "make an X + Y roll", like "Make a Vitality + Power roll to open the door" or "Make an Reputation + Intelligence" roll to impress the scientists. The second stat (the Y) is the score that has the greater effect.

Sometimes you're in a complex and dangerous situation, such as combat or infiltration. In these cases, you will roll once to create a "Charge" total. Leave those dice in front of you. You'll use dice from this set, sometimes several dice together (plus a stat) to take an action. Including 1's or 6's in your total will often have special effects. Each time you use a die, you put it aside. When you run out of dice in front of you (or decide that the remaining ones aren't good enough) you'll need to "reload" to take more actions.

There are also special cases, mostly created by your character's abilities, that will let you multiply dice, use sequences of dice, or match your dice with an ally's dice.

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