Your character can only have one weapon and one armor item at a time, even if it would make total sense for them to be able to wear them both at once.

Each character except the Sorcerer starts with a weapon and armor. The Sorcerer has casting implements instead of weapons, and can have up to eight rings instead of armor. = The Ronin does not find weapons, but instead finds tassels that change their weapon's damage type or add status effects. Classes cannot use each others' equipment.

Most characters will find new equipment by looting areas (using Patience) rather than by purchasing them.

It costs 3 Move Points to change your equipment in combat. Even your armor.


The following items can be found in Disk One:

Name Class Chapter Type Effect
Reasonable-Sized Handgun Hacker 1 Weapon Increase attack range to 2
Not Staff Sorcerer 2 Weapon (casting) Access to other Interrupt power
Shady Hat Gambler 2 Armor Raise Draw to 6
Rad Goggles Gunslinger 3 Armor Immune to Blind
Tosei-gusoku Ronin 3 Armor Raise MaxHP, lock Status
Boomstick Gambler 4 Weapon Raise Resist once
White Ring Sorcerer 4 Armor (ring) Cut Fire damage twice
Black Tassel Ronin 5 Weapon (tassel) Change melee to Earth damage
Body Shield Hacker 5 Armor Immune to Hazardous area status
Pipe Ronin 6 Weapon Cannot Escalate or use Iaijutsu
Rusty Gun Gunslinger 6 Weapon Set Draw to 4 and Play to 2.
Knife Gambler 6 Weapon Range 0
Rebar Staff Sorcerer 6 Weapon (casting) Take lightning damage from your own lightning blasts
Chain Hacker 6 Weapon Range 0
Black Ring Sorcerer 7 Armor (ring) Cut Lightning damage twice
Fine Kimono Ronin 7 Armor Raise Connect and Resist one each
Scout Jacket Gunslinger 7 Armor Immune to Sticky and Unstable area statuses
Orange Tassel Ronin 8 Weapon (tassel) Immune to Hazardous area status
Cybergun Hacker 8 Weapon Immune to Berserk
Gold Tassel Ronin 9* Weapon (tassel) Ignore Armored status
Long-barreled Pistols Gunslinger 9* Weapon Raise Range by one
Flintlock Gambler 9* Weapon Draw an extra card if your Wager succeeds
Scythe Sorcerer 9* Weapon (casting) Raise Accuracy once
The Pale Deck Hacker 9* Weapon Raise Connect score
Green Visor Gambler 10 Armor Draw an extra card every time you draw a 2.
Respectability Hacker 10 Armor Raise Connect and Resist once each

Receiving the items in Chapter 9 is dependent on plot rather than looting.

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