Gambler Class

The Nikan play dice in alleyways and cards in quiet basements. They bet on which Arba is going to make a fool of themselves this week. A few Nikan are so good that they can make a living just off the favors they win. That's you.

Gamblers are a support class, messing with the deck and getting people the cards they need.

Starting Stats

HP Damage Range Move
70 30 2 5 / 10
Accuracy Evade Connect Resist
4+ 10+ 4+ Jack+
Draw Play Reload
5 1 Round

Choose one Trait: I want to be important, or, I want a better life.
Choose a Role: Comic Relief, Sidekick, or Wallflower. Choose one Trait from your Role and note your Interrupt condition.
Choose your Exception, and select a Trait associated with that Exception.
Choose an Interrupt from the two options below.
Note your starting Exploit.

You have a weapon: a Holdout Pistol, which you cannot be disarmed of.
You have armor: a Fancy Hat, which has no special power yet.


Match to Win
When your Interrupt meter has 10 charges, you can choose to activate this as a bonus action. Take seven cards from the deck and put them face-down in front of you. These are not part of your hand and are not cleared until the end of the battle. Reset your charge meter to zero immediately. When people play cards that match these (just value, not suit), special effects happen.

  • When an ally plays a card that matches as an attack, raise their damage twice. Discard your card.
  • When the Sorcerer plays a card that matches to create mana, shift your card over to them as an extra mana resource.
  • When the Hacker plays a card that matches to hack someone or something, they can immediately do so again on a new target without needing to play a second card. Discard your card.
  • When the CPU plays a card that matches as an attack, or to create a status effect, their attempt fails. Discard your card.

Pay What You Owe
When your Interrupt meter has 10 charges, you can play a seven to activate the following sequence of events:

  • Draw three cards from the deck.
  • In the next round, you can play as many cards to attack as you want.
    • If you hit, you deal normal damage and raise your next damage (cumulatively).
    • If you miss, your target treats you and your allies as allies for the rest of the fight, and treats mobs and bosses as enemies. This does not work on bosses, but it does bypass the status byte.
  • Your Interrupt meter then drops to zero.

Starting Exploit

When you play your card for an attack, you can discard any number of cards. If you hit, you can draw that number of cards from the deck.


Stack the Deck
You can place the top card from the discard pile on the top of the deck for 2 Move. You can do this even when it's not your action.

Dirty Dealer
You can choose to reload from the team hand or from the top of the discard instead of from the deck. You can take as many cards as you like from each source. (Put down your current discard AFTER you reload, so that you don't pick up any cards from your current hand.)

Lucky Sevens
Any time a card can be played, a Gambler can succeed in that action by playing a seven, regardless of what card might normally be needed. In addition, Gamblers immediately draw a card to replace any seven they play.

Under the Table
You can hand one of your cards to another player for 2 Move. You can do this even when it's not your action.

Switch to Stud
Everyone plays with one card from their hand face-up in front of them. They can play this card normally. If they do, they immediately put another card face-up (assuming they have one left).

Ronin Gunslinger Gambler Sorcerer Hacker
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