The act of moving from positive to non-positive HP, or vice versa, through the process of taking damage or being healed, is what downs someone. Having negative HP on its own is not dangerous.

The Ladder continues into negative numbers.

Values raised above the absolute maximums roll over unless additional memory is provided. That means that Raising a value of 9999 results in a value of -1. If additional memory is provided, use the table below to extend the Ladder.

Value Ladder
24 5000
25 7000
26 10000
27 15000
28 20000
29 30000
30 50000
31 65536

Cuts move Ladder values more negative, not toward zero. Raises move them more positive. If you have -300 HP and get your MaxHP Raised, your current HP moves to -200.

MaxHP is really MaxHP. You have no MinHP, and if your HP goes negative it can keep going negative until you get to -65536. Wrapping around from that value to a positive one by taking damage will down you.

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