Gunslinger Class

The Gunslinger has a pistol in each hand and probably a third in their boot. They're hard-fighting, hard-drinking, down on their luck, and dangerous. Someone made them this way, and someone needs to pay.

Gunslingers make low-odds, low-damage shots, but they make a LOT of them.

Starting Stats

HP Damage Range Move
70 30 2 4 / 8
Accuracy Evade Connect Resist
5+ Jack+ 5+ Jack+
Draw Play Reload
10 3 Round

Choose one Trait: I want justice, or, I want to be the best.
Choose a Role: Protagonist, Mysterious Stranger, Badass, or Sidekick. Choose one Trait from your Role and note your Interrupt condition.
Choose your Exception, and select a Trait associated with that Exception.
Choose an Interrupt from the two options below.
Note your starting Exploit.

You have a pair of weapons: Five-Shooters, which have no special power yet.
You have armor: a Duster, which makes you immune to the Berserk status (bit 3).

Special rule: The Gunslinger cannot target the same enemy twice in a single round except when using Hail of Lead or if there are no other targets available.


Hail of Lead
When your Interrupt meter has 10 charges, raise your damage twice. At any point before the end of the battle, you may play your entire hand as attacks this round rather than your usual three cards. Your damage then returns to normal and your Interrupt meter drops to zero.

Just One Bullet
When your Interrupt meter has 10 charges, you may take the following actions in the following order, at their usual initiative counts:

  • If you are currently out of cards, reload for free.
  • Play a face card and spend the moment aiming.
  • Play an Ace to attack. Get eight raises to your damage for this attack and inflict the Burning status. Ignore Armored or any other status that reduces damage.
  • Your Interrupt meter then drops to zero.

Starting Exploit

No Shot Wasted
When you play a two, you can add it to or subtract it from another card you've played this turn. This can turn a three or a Jack into an Ace.


You will learn these abilities in later chapters.

You gain Reload (Turn).

Wasn't Aiming for You
If the enemy you're shooting at dodges, and there is another enemy in range behind them in another battlefield area, you may apply this attack against that enemy and cut their Evade once for this attack. You can do this multiple times in one attack as long as there are still enemies and areas in a straight line (as Line of Sight is counted).

Finish Them Off
If an enemy in range has lower current HP than your Damage, and you have a card on the table that is higher than the current initiative count, you can use it to make an immediate attack against that enemy. Flip that card upside down right now so that you don't accidentally use it again later.

Suppressive Fire
Enemies you hit have difficulty moving. The next time they pay the movement cost for going to a new area, they don't go anywhere. If a boss is the only enemy left on the battlefield, they are immune.

Stand and Aim
You can spend Move points to raise your Accuracy. Every two Move raises Accuracy once for a single attack.

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