The Master Control Program

The Many Faces of the MCP:

The Garbage Collector

The Garbage Collector is a spirit of the Master Control Program that ensures the conservation of memory. If a process stops being able to take action, the Garbage Collector eventually frees the memories that made up that person.

The Garbage Collector passes through the world on an irregular schedule. Sometimes it arrives after minutes; other times, it can be as much as an hour. Certain Patterns can also summon it.

The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour is 4:00 AM. It is also a spirit of the MCP, and a database protocol. The Witching Hour resets The City and its processes to their normal state, or close to it.

The Witching Hour resets all variables to their default status, with certain exceptions. It also removes many memories of the day before, and typically returns individuals to their home location.


  • The Witching Hour does not reset changes to Reflexes, Traits, or Level.
  • The group draws a single card when the last bell of the Witching Hour strikes. If the draw is an Ace, the Fool, or the Magician, the group's location is not reset. Otherwise, they return home and wake up with foggy memories of the day before.
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