Virtual Machine tries to simulate a console RPG experience, but there are some things that simply aren’t worth simulating. For example, there’s no reason to have the Players run through fifteen or sixteen battles in a single game session. That’s not challenging, it’s just boring. Likewise, certain aspects of using a save point (like getting back to where you were before) are quite tedious. There isn’t always a reason to play through these events.

For such things, we introduce the idea of Patience. It represents trying multiple tactics, reloading from save points, trying again, searching exhaustively, checking a hint book, etc. This game doesn't have "grinding for XP", so you can't use it for that.

Every game session starts the Players off with six points of Patience. Once the Patience for a particular game session has been exhausted, it’s gone, and it won’t come back until the next session. You can’t "save up" patience; any that’s left over at the end of a game session is gone for good.

The Players can use Patience in the following ways:

1 point: Solve a puzzle or win a mini-game after the first failure condition. You pay the price of failure once, but you don't have to keep trying.
1 point: Restore from a Save Point and get back to your current location. You can do this when your party dies, either to come to the same location before a fight happens, or to restart a battle you know you can win.
1 point: Thoroughly and completely loot the surrounding area.
2 points: Solve a puzzle or win a mini-game before you suffer the first failure condition.
2 points: Defeat any non-Boss battle.
3 points: Return the party to full HP and reset Status, even during a boss fight.

In addition, some Chapters in the storyline provide extra uses for Patience, and the CPU is encouraged to come up with other options.

Patience is a metagame attribute. It's something that belongs to the player group, not to the MCs. The MCs don't know about it.

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