Virtual Machine Player Rules

Virtual Machine is an RPG created during National Game Design Month 2017. It's tabletop RPG with a computational heart and a brain full of mystical esoterica; a fusion of console RPGs and the cyberpunk genre. It uses a spinoff of the unpublished rules I developed for Console:Sidearm and Console III.

This page contains just the player-oriented rules. Nothing here will accidentally spoil the plot of the game.


Books, games, and movies: Off To Be The Wizard, FF VII and X-2, Hack'n'Slash, Mistborn, my unpublished mechanics from Console:Sidearm and Console III, Tron, A New Kind of Science, Exalted, Tarot symbolism, A|State, Transistor, .hack//, everything the Matrix should have done, and the cyberpunk genre in general.

Music: Voices of the Lifestream, Mad World,

Artwork: Virtual Machine Pinterest Board

Character Creation



Unlike previous versions of Console, Virtual Machine has a default setting, storyline, and NPCs. You can remove or change these if you want, you'll just have to do a little extra work. If you're a Player, you will end up finding spoilers if you read these. Treat this section like you would treat a hint book or walkthrough.


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