Plot Overview

Disk One

Everyone in the City knows that the world is made of code. It's been established for centuries that the laws of their universe are programs and subroutines. How could it be any other way? The origin of this code is a point of discussion for religions and philosophy, but most people simply accept the facts of the universe and move on with their lives.

Less than a month ago, Enki Kula, a researcher at the Archive, discovered complex but incontrovertible proof that the City is not just made of code, but that this code is running on hardware. The City is a simulation within some more real, more fundamental universe.

This information was brought to Divu Matr, head of the Corporation, who effectively rules the City. He couldn't handle it. He snapped, and decided two things:

  1. If this is a simulation, then it's like a game.
  2. If this is a game, then I'm going to win it.

Divu knows that winning a game means having the most points when it's over.

That means killing everyone.

So far only Enki and Divu know. Divu has had the other researchers on this project fired and quietly killed. He's plotting and gathering power so that when he acts, it will be the swift annihilation of everyone else in the City.

The Main Characters are part of the Nikan Resistance. They don't know any of this at the start of the game, but it will be revealed to them as they progress. People close to Divu have noticed that he's gone a little crazy, but they don't know why at the beginning of Chapter 1.

Disk Two


Disk Three


Disk Four


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