There are six Roles that a character can have in Virtual Machine. Classes describe what your skills are; Roles describe how you fit into the story. Look through the Roles below, select one that is listed as an option for your Class, and pick one of the Traits listed for that Role.

Roles also determine how your Interrupt ability recharges. The first ability, in italics, is combat-related and can be invoked once per round in battle. The later abilities are non-combat abilities, and only one of them can be used per scene. Later you'll get to swap out some of these for other options.


The team's leader, the central figure they all rally around. Typically a strong silent type with a connection to the Sidekick. The Protagonist is sure to draw attention from the enemy. Many start off brooding and childish, but end up growing up and stepping into their role with renewed focus when the time calls for it.

Traits: I want a better world, or, I want to be left alone.
Interrupt: Charge your Interrupt when you…

  • Take a hit in battle.
  • Respond to an important question with silence, a gesture, or an unintelligible mutter of some kind.
  • Aid the Sidekick in any manner.
  • Sit on your ass and complain about how your life sucks, or reflect on the impossibility of victory.


Some people are born followers. The Sidekick pulls people together, encouraging them to do their best, pushing for answers, and standing up for the downtrodden. They couldn't do it on their own, and they might complain from time to time, but they're the best motivator a friend could ask for.

Traits: I want justice, or, I want to make it all how it was.
Interrupt: Charge your Interrupt when you…

  • Improve the Team Hand, clear the Team Hand, or benefit from a Boot effect.
  • Spend time talking with, or giving advice to, the Protagonist.
  • Complain about anything — the Main Villain, your own confusion, the weather, the general state of the world, a bad feeling you have, etc.
  • Aid the Protagonist in any manner.

Comic Relief

They're not really that funny. Their jokes fall flat, and they're better at anticlimax than good timing. Still, their words show surprising insight sometimes, and their attempts still cheer you up. Such a shame that they're destined to betray you all. When they realize you were their true friends after all, what then?

Traits: I want to be everyone's friend, or, I want to be important.
Interrupt: Charge your Interrupt when you…

  • Move from one battlefield area to another (whether by choice or not).
  • Are ignored by everyone.
  • Do something to aggravate or annoy another character.
  • Ruin someone's big speech, a joke's punchline, or a would-be boss fight all on your own. Charge twice if you didn't intend for this to happen.


Early on the Wallflower might seem like they shouldn't be on this adventure. They're shy and unassuming, and you'll underestimate them. They'll surprise you later with a backbone of steel and a spurt of character growth that might even see them leading the team.

The name of the Wallflower role will change eventually, but not on Disk One.

Traits: I want to belong, or, I want to understand.
Interrupt: Charge your Interrupt when you…

  • See an ally outside your battlefield area take a hit in battle.
  • Make it obvious that you have no idea what’s going on.
  • Respond to a personal inquiry of any kind by acting shy and quiet.
  • When everyone expects you to be quiet and defer to others, you brings up an opinion of your own and stick to it.


They're tough and cool. They've got their eyes on everyone - they'll spot what's important, and they'll tell you if you're full of it. Never bet against them when the odds are bad. In a pinch they could have been the Protagonist, but for now they've got your back and they'll smack down anyone who tries to mess with their team.

Traits: I want to be the best, or, I want to escape.
Interrupt: Charge your Interrupt when you…

  • Take a hit in battle.
  • Do something major on your own, without help from anyone.
  • Point out something as being significant or important.
  • Call someone's bluff to their face.

Mysterious Stranger

They're odd and ominous. They've got one hell of a looming presence, and some sort of shadowy connection to the main villain. Something about them genuinely isn't right, at the level of a continuity issue… but when the Protagonist needs some tough love, when the Badass needs someone to be back-to-back with, when it's time to forge a new future, the Mysterious Stranger is there.

Traits: I want the truth, or, I want to tear it all down.
Interrupt: Charge your Interrupt when you…

  • Land a hit in battle.
  • Say something cryptic and mysterious.
  • Make someone back down or shut up just by staring at them.
  • Point out something as being significant or important.
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