Ronin Class

The Ronin is a sword-wielding warrior, armored and fearsome. Once they were a servant, commanded to fight for their superior's honor. Now they live in the Nikan Maze, masterless.

Ronin make small numbers of high-powered attacks, and take hits for other characters.

Starting Stats

HP Damage Range Move
100 50 0 3 / 6
Accuracy Evade Connect Resist
3+ Queen+ 6+ Queen+
Draw Play Reload
5 1 Out

Choose one Trait: I want to be left alone, or, I want to be redeemed.
Choose a Role: Protagonist, Mysterious Stranger, or Badass. Choose one Trait from your Role and note your Interrupt condition.
Choose your Exception, and select a Trait associated with that Exception.
Choose an Interrupt from the two options below.
Note your starting Exploit.

You have a weapon: an Ancestral Katana, with no special power yet. You will find tassels that you can attach to your katana to give it different abilities. You can use one tassel at a time.
You have armor: Kozane, which gives you the Armored status.


Select one option:

When your Interrupt meter has 10 charges, you may take the following actions in this order:

  • Play a 3 and sheathe your weapon, reducing your Damage to 0 and making it so that you cannot attack.
  • Play a 2 and nullify your Escalation, reducing your Damage to -1. You still cannot attack.
  • Play an Ace, drawing your blade in a flash and making such a swift attack that the world cannot update your abilities before you hit. Due to a glitch in the world, any mob without the Boss status or the Noclip status is immediately downed. Bosses take your normal Damage with eight Raises. Those with the Noclip status are healed 1 HP. You will need to use an action to reactivate Escalation.
  • Your Interrupt meter then drops to zero.

When your Interrupt meter has 10 charges, you may play a matched pair of cards in order to restore HP to all your allies (including those who are downed). The amount of HP equals your Damage rating, including any raises that may be active. Each ally may also choose one status bit to reset. Your Interrupt meter then drops to zero.

Starting Exploit

When you take your first turn in combat, you automatically activate this ability. Raise your Damage and your MaxHP once. You can activate this again by using an action, but only when it has been nullified. You cannot benefit from two Escalations at once. If your Escalation ends, your current HP are unaffected.


You will learn these abilities in later chapters.

When an ally in your battlefield area is attacked, play a higher card than the attacker in order to switch the target of the attack to you. You can play this as many times as you like each round, including using multiple cards to cover multiple allies against an area attack.

When you are attacked (including when you're Covering an ally), play a lower card than the attacker in order the counterattack. The card you play counts as your attack card, which is used after your enemy's attack resolves. This follows the usual attack rules, including range restrictions.

When you draw a Spade, you may add it to your Stash.

Measure the Moment
You can delay your attack until any initiative count above your card. For instance, if you attack with an 8, you can choose to go on count 9, 10, J, Q, K, or Ace, if you prefer.

When you are attacked you can play any number of Spades. Each one Raises your Evade one level against that attack.

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