Combat takes place on Battlefields. For convenience, all the battlefields in the game are included on this page so you can find them faster.

Battlefield-related rules

Starting Locations: MCs start at the blue cross. If there is a boss fight in this battlefield, the boss starts at the red X. Other processes should be placed around the map as the CPU sees fit.

Line of Sight: Characters cannot target someone who is around a corner from their current location. A single turn of less than 90° is ok. More than one turn, or more than 90°, breaks line of sight unless there is an explicit "Line of Sight" drawn on the map.

One-Way Paths: Processes cannot traverse one-way paths in reverse.

Falling: Processes who move or are pushed into a "Falling" area immediately move out of it using the one-way paths. If there are multiple exit options, the players choose for the MCs and the CPU chooses for all other processes. To find the amount of falling damage, take your MaxHP and apply four cuts. Processes who have a special ability like "Flying" or "Floating" or the like can treat Falling areas like ordinary areas, with a movement cost of 3 to all nearby locations and one-way paths treated like normal paths.

See also Area Status effects and the Movement rules in the Combat section.

Battlefield Links

For printing, click this link to download all the battlefields as a PDF. Alternatively, you can get .png files for each of them below.

Chapter 1

Local HQ
Nikan Maze

Chapter 2

Local HQ
Nikan Maze
Code Shrine
Beneath the Highways

Chapter 3

Local HQ
Subway Tunnels
Power Station Entrance
Junction Room

Chapter 4

Local HQ

Chapter 5

Local HQ
Subway Access
Rallying Point

Chapter 6

Dev Null
The Pits
Vora's Home

Chapter 7

Aleph Entrance
Aleph Tower
The Aerie

Chapter 8

Archive Entrance
Archive Core

Chapter 9


Chapter 10

Tower 2 Entrance

Chapter 11

No battlefields.

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