Rule Expansions

When the Main Characters escape from Disk 1, they will encounter new worlds and new rules that change the game around them - and even change the characters themselves. The three worlds after the City are The Forest Beyond, Specter Coast, and HVHY Station, abbreviated below as Forest, Sea, and Space.

Class Changes

In each world, the MCs are "translated" into the local environment. This means not only a class change, but sometimes a change in basic statistics.

City Forest Sea Space
Ronin Barbarian Pirate Robot
Gunslinger Ranger Archer Marksman
Gambler Bard Thief Traveler
Sorcerer Druid Warlock Magus
Hacker Geomancer Alchemist Engineer

Characters never lose Exploits during translation. Exploits that refer to particular elements are shifted according to the table shown under "Elements".

Ronin Advanced Exploits

Lightning Rod
When an elemental attack targets your battlefield area, you can choose to take double damage. If you do, your allies in that area take no damage. Gained as: Robot

Ignore the "Vulnerable" and "Hazardous" area statuses. Gained as: Robot

Gunslinger Advanced Exploits

Split the Arrow
The first time you hit a target, you give them a vulnerability to your shots. They take double damage from you for the rest of the fight, or until they regain HP. Gained as: Ranger.

Dive and Roll
On turns when you move, your Evade score gets one raise. Gained as: Ranger.

Gambler Advanced Exploits

Discard one card from the Team Hand. Gained as: Bard.

It's a Good Plan
As long as you have your armor, the first time you are reduced to 0 or fewer HP in a particular fight you will be immediately restored to 1 HP. Gained as: Bard.

Lost or Stolen
Spend N Movement to look at the top N cards of the CPU's deck. If you don't like them, put them all at the bottom of their deck. Gained as: Thief.

Borrowed Luck
Play a face card to steal a card from another MC's hand and play it instead. When you reload, your allies draw one card each. Gained as: Thief.

Sorcerer Advanced Exploits

Healing Mana
When you create a Mana resource with the Life element, your "Blast" power restores HP rather than removing it. Others in the same area as the Mana resource can also spend a card to use it on themselves, which depletes the Mana resource as usual. Gained as: Druid.

Overcharge Mana
You can "cross" a Mana resource by playing another card on it face-up. This new Overcharged Mana can be used just like a normal Mana resource, but the effect is Raised twice. You can use this in combination with a Well of Mana. (For status-oriented effects, cut your opponent's Resist score twice instead.) Gained as: Druid.

Burning Mana
When you create a Mana resource, enemies of yours that enter the same area as the Mana resource take ongoing damage as appropriate for your Blast power. Gained as: Warlock.

Hacker Advanced Exploits

Elemental Transmutation
When an elemental effect happens in your hacking range, and you have an unplayed card left this round, you may choose to use that card immediately to change the element. Gained as: Geomancer.

Induce Vulnerability
If you hack someone, you can choose to induce an elemental vulnerability rather than causing your usual effects. The card you play must match the element. Gained as: Geomancer

Adjust Gravity
You can hack one-way paths and lines of sight as if they were area statuses. Gained as: Engineer

Import Global Status
When you inflict status effects, you can use status effects from any worlds you have visited. Gained as: Engineer

Optional Roles

Love Interests

(Two or more players take this for their characters to make a relationship / love triangle / etc.)




(placeholder - Hacker to Geomancer)




The elements of the City are Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Ice. In later worlds, the elements change as follows, with the suit of cards for that element indicated on the right-hand side of the table.

City Forest Sea Space Suit
Earth Wood Salt Metal Diamonds
Fire Fire Fire Fire Clubs
Lightning Light Light Electricity Spades
Ice Life Water Void Cups

Status Effects

On later disks you will run into other implementations for the eight bits of the Status Byte. These are world-specific, and are as follows:

The Forest After

  1. Frog - Damage cut by 6 steps.
  2. Poisoned - Reimplements Burning with Life damage.
  3. Scairt - Cannot stay in the same area as an enemy.
  4. Entangled - Lose 1 Move point each round.
  5. Charmed - Must treat allies as enemies and enemies as allies.
  6. Floating - Immune to Hazardous, Unstable, Vulnerable, and Sticky area flags.
  7. Zombied - Set your HP equal to the negative of its current value without downing you. You are downed if your HP goes positive without removing Zombied. All movement costs are 4 to you.
  8. Reflect - Magical attacks and effects, whether helpful or harmful, are are re-targeted to the person who generated them.

Specter Coast

  1. Scarecrow - reimplements Frog
  2. Bleeding - reimplements Burning with non-elemental damage
  3. Vendetta - must pursue and attack one particular foe. Ends when that foe is downed.
  4. Diseased - cannot benefit from effects that restore HP
  5. Seasick - discard one card at the beginning of every round.
  6. Airborne - Combines Floating with a two-Cut penalty to melee attacks against you.
  7. Ghost - Combines Noclip and Zombied, plus immune to physical damage and cannot deal physical damage.
  8. Regeneration - Heal 1/10 of your HP at the beginning of each round.

HVHY Station

  1. Blind - as before
  2. Suffocate - reimplements Burning with Void damage
  3. Spacesick - reimplements Seasick
  4. Reflect - as before
  5. Dazzled - reimplements Confused
  6. Rockets - reimplements Airborne
  7. Noclip - as before
  8. Armored - as before

In every world the CPU should again shuffle the order of the bits so that they are different from game to game. They should be the same within each complete play-through, but on new play-throughs the Hacker will need to determine which bit is which anew.

If someone has immunity to a particular status, they will have immunity to the same bit later on, using these charts. (So Burning immunity in the City is Poison immunity in the Forest.) If someone has a weapon that delivers a particular status, however, it always delivers the original status that is referenced in the weapon's description. Usually weapons undergo translation that turns them into a new weapon when traveling from world to world, but there are abilities that restore their original forms.

Area statuses do not change from world to world.

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