Cards and Areas of Play

The Main Characters share a single deck of standard poker cards (Jokers in), with one discard pile. If there are more than 4 MCs, you will probably want a second deck of cards with a different back and a second discard pile. Abilities that refer to "the discard pile" can be used on either one, but you shouldn't move cards from one to the other because that's just a mess.

Card draws normally come from the deck. If you run out of cards in the deck, shuffle the discard to make a new deck.

Each MC has a hand, the contents of which are secret. You can't tell your allies what's in your hand, because it a) changes the odds significantly, and b) slows the game down horribly. Just play the best you can.

Each MC has a play space in front of them where their cards stay after they're played. When this play space is cleared (like at the end of a combat turn), the player must pick one card to move to the Team Hand.

You might also have a stash, which allows you to store certain types of cards for later use. These are not part of your hand, but you can play them as if they were.

Team Hands can give the MCs special abilities or make their attacks more effective. Up to five cards can be in the Team Hand at once. When the sixth card is played, the previous five are moved to the discard pile and a new Team Hand starts. If there are multiple decks, there is still just one Team Hand (thus why you need decks with different backs).

The CPU also has a play space, and a Team Hand that affects the mobs.

When the Garbage Collector comes by, move cards from the Team Hands to the appropriate discards, and shuffle the discards back into their decks. Leave cards in stashes where they are.


When you "reload", you discard your entire current hand (if any) and draw a new hand with a number of cards equal to your Draw stat. Cards in other play areas are not affected by reloading.

Aces High, Jokers Wild

When comparing values on cards, 2s are lowest, Kings are second highest, Aces are highest, and Jokers can count as any value (and can beat Aces).

Other Setup

Every Main Character will need a character sheet.

You may want some way to track Move points. A 10-sided die or a stack of poker chips will work.

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