The Shadows

The majority of The City's population lives below the great plates of Topside, in the cramped space called the Shadows. To know the Shadows is to know your allies and your rivals.

Each neighborhood is its own town.

The Market

(In the Shadows. Dirty, packed, everything for sale)

The Maze

Everyone used to be part of a Family until the Arba'a took over. All the other families are part of the Nikan - "those without family."


Getting around the Shadows is difficult. The most common modes of transport are motorcycles and minibusses. Streets at walking level are often cramped with pedestrians, and the higher levels are strung with clothing and electrical wiring. It's difficult to get through quickly. A few skilled operators know the shortcuts - ancient disused transit tunnels, pipelines long gone dry, secret tunnels through walls and sometimes even living rooms, the Shadow Highway.

Nikan Culture:

  • The Nikan call people "Process." This is because everyone in the City is processed at birth, their code checked to see if they're actually a child of the Arba'a. Nikan use this word for both Nikan and Arba'a, though not around the Families (who consider it insulting).
  • The MPC and its various subroutines are sentient creatures worthy of respect and veneration.
  • Keep your rep up if you're going to be around the Arba'a - don't let them control you. Otherwise, stay fast and know the Maze well.
  • Your family is just as good as their Family. Just don't let them know that.
  • Music and art are all the Families let us have. They are the heart of our people.
  • Nightclubs, art galleries, arcades, games houses, and all manner of nighttime activity are common, since no one sleeps.
  • Manga and zines are everywhere.
  • Finely painted Mahjong sets, tarot decks, etc. are commonly handed down from parent to child.
  • The Maze is constantly being repainted with murals.
  • Cover for one another in front of the Arba'a. Don't give them a reason to hurt us.
  • Respect your elders.
  • The study of weaponry is outlawed - but there are some underground clubs anyway.
  • Ghosts should be respected and listened to.
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