Sorcerer Class

This world is made of more than just concrete and steel. Magic, too, is programmed into it. Sorcerers feel the flow of mana and can draw it forth from the conduits beneath the City, shaping it into elemental power.

Sorcerers are cannons and controllers, filling whole areas with damage and pushing opponents around.

Starting Stats

HP Damage Range Move
70 20 1 3 / 6
Accuracy Evade Connect Resist
4+ Jack+ 4+ Jack+
Draw Play Reload
6 2 Round

Choose one Trait: I want to show them all, or, I want to see beyond.
Choose a Role: Comic Relief, Wallflower, or Mysterious Stranger. Choose one Trait from your Role and note your Interrupt condition.
Choose your Exception, and select a Trait associated with that Exception.
Choose an Interrupt from the two options below.
Note your starting Exploits.

You have no true weapon, only your magical staff. If you are Silenced and must rely on it to attack with, cut your damage six times. If you are disarmed, you cannot use Blast or related powers until you regain a casting implement.
You have armor: a Green Ring that makes two cuts to Ice damage against you. You can wear up to eight rings at once.


When your Interrupt meter has 10 charges, you may take the following actions in the following order:

  • Play a 5 to activate an extrapolation subroutine.
  • Play a 3 to create a Mana resource.
  • Play an Ace to attack. Let the subroutine choose the area that you attack.
  • The subroutine selects "-1", which the world treats as "all areas." All areas in the current battlefield are hit by your attack as if you had played the Ace.
  • Your Interrupt meter then drops to zero.

Summon Subroutine
When your Interrupt meter has 10 charges, you may play a matched pair of cards in order to summon a subroutine that copies your actions. Your Interrupt meter then drops to zero. Until the Garbage Collector arrives, every action you take is immediately followed by an identical action from the subroutine, using the same cards that you used.

Starting Exploits

Access Mana
Play a card that is higher than your Connect score in order to generate a Mana resource from the world around you. This manifests as a glowing ball of energy, of a type that depends on the card you played:

  • Heart: Ice
  • Diamond: Earth
  • Club: Fire
  • Spade: Lightning

Mana lasts until the Garbage Collector comes. It doesn't do anything on its own. When the Mana is used, the card is discarded.

Use up a Mana resource and play a card to attack an entire area within your Range. You do not need to use Accuracy, but everyone in that area has an opportunity to Evade. If they do not, they take damage equal to your Damage score, with an elemental type set by the kind of Mana you used. If you used an Ace or Joker for the mana that you draw on, deal double damage.


You will learn these abilities in later chapters.

Immunize Allies
When you blast, you can choose to either deal damage to each target in an area or set them as immune to the element with which you are blasting. You might use this to avoid hitting your allies, or to change a mob from absorbing an element to being immune to it. If the target is already immune to a different element, this ability removes that immunity when it grants the new one. This effect lasts until the Garbage Collector comes by.

Elemental Augment
Your blasts have extra powers based on their elements:

  • Heart: Freeze. Your targets lose their next movement. If they would spend Move Points, set them their current amount to zero. If they have Move Auto, the first movement they would take in the turn is wasted.
  • Diamond: Push. Your targets are pushed from their current battlefield area into a neighboring one of your choice.
  • Club: Burn. Your targets are affected by the Burning status.
  • Spade: Charge. The physical damage that your targets take raised once for the rest of the round.

Processes who Evade your blast or who are immune to that element are not affected. Enemies who do not might still Resist these effects.

Wave Blast
Your blast hits not only your targeted area, but also hits the next adjacent area along Line of Sight away from you.

Your Range is now 2.

Well of Mana
You can "cross" a Mana resource by playing another card on it face-down. This new Well of Mana can be used just like a normal Mana resource, with two exceptions:

  • Damage done with Blasts is cut once.
  • This Mana resource is not discarded after use. It remains in play until the Garbage Collector comes.
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