Terminology and Technicalities


Numerical values are either integers, card values or ladder values. Not all of your stats have values - for instance, Traits are stored as text, not numbers.

There are no fractional values in Virtual Machine. Decimals of .5 and higher round up, all others round down. There are also no integers higher than 9999. If there were, they could not possibly be higher than 65,535.

If something would affect or require a value that your character does not have, treat it as if that value existed and had been changed appropriately, and then move on without interrupting anything.

The Ladder

Damage and Maximum HP ratings are measured on the ladder below. There are no values between these. Current HP can take on any value; Maximum HP could not be 80 because it's not on the list.

Value Ladder
0 0
1 1
2 2
3 2
4 3
5 5
6 7
8 10
9 15
10 20
11 30
12 50
13 70
14 100
15 150
16 200
17 300
18 500
19 700
20 1000
21 1500
22 2000
23 3000
24 5000
25 7000
26 9999

Raise and Cut

A "Raise" improves your value to the next step, either in numerical value, in card value, or in ladder value. Raising your Evade by 1 could mean going from J+ to 10+. Raising your Accuracy could mean going from 5+ to 4+. Raising your Max HP could mean going from 300 to 500.

Raising a maximum value raises the current value. Losing a Raise does not change your current value.

A "Cut" worsens your value by one step. Cutting your Evade would take you from J+ to Q+. Cutting your Move would take you from 4/8 to 3/6.

If a cut takes your maximum value below your current value, reduce your current value. Losing a cut does not change your current value.


CPU - The person who runs the game.
Dead - Downed and then intentionally killed. Dead processes are "cleaned up" by the Garbage Collector and disappear from the world forever.
Downed - Processes reduced from positive HP to 0 HP or less are "downed" - unconscious and unable to act. The Garbage Collector will restore them to full HP and restore consciousness. If someone is downed when the Witching Hour passes, they are still restored to their home.
MC - Main Character, the ones controlled by the players.
NPC - Non-Player Character, the ones controlled by the CPU.
Process - Anything with HP. Includes MCs, NPCs, mobs, and bosses.
Push - Any time someone is forced to move from one battlefield area to another, that's a "push".
Stash - A set of cards that you can play as if they were part of your hand, but which do not count as part of your hand.
Stat or Statistic - Any description of a character in game terms, including everything from MaxHP to Traits.
Traits - A set of motivating characteristics that provide roleplaying guidance and also form the basis of the game's influence system.

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