Every MC starts with 3 Traits - one from their Class, one from their Role, and one from Rule breaking. Later they might pick up another, or switch one of those out for a new Trait.

All Traits come from a specific list that is shown below.

  • I want a better world.
  • I want a new life.
  • I want freedom.
  • I want justice.
  • I want the truth.
  • I want to be everyone's friend.
  • I want to be important.
  • I want to be left alone.
  • I want to be loved.
  • I want to be redeemed.
  • I want to be the best.
  • I want to belong.
  • I want to escape.
  • I want to make it all how it was.
  • I want to see beyond.
  • I want to show them all.
  • I want to tear it all down.
  • I want to understand.

The CPU can add more Traits, but should remove others in the process. There are supposed to be few enough of them that someone might guess one. Every Trait starts with the words "I want." If you write new traits, they should fit that trend.

In general, your character should make important choices so that they align with these Traits, and should make everyday choices so that they don't contradict the Traits. If you "want to be the best", it's ok if you don't really do a lot to pursue it. When the opportunity to train with a master in your field comes along, however, you should take it.

Naturally, not every choice is sensible, and you can act contrary to your Traits when it makes sense. For instance, if that master is (to your knowledge) a horrible, murdering fiend, then it's ok to refuse to train with them.

Some MC and NPC abilities will be able to force you to act in accordance with a particular Trait. The phrase used is that they "force Trait compliance." In such situations you must do something that fits with your Trait. However, even when forced into compliance, you have some choice. If an evil master offers to train you, and something forces you to act on your desire to be the best, you might give in and become an apprentice to a murderer… but you might also decide to betray and kill the master in order to be one step closer to being the best. Abilities that force Trait compliance make you act, but they don't necessarily make you act reliably.

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